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Author: John Pavlovitz

The exhaustion that Blue people endure when living in a Red America that refuses to see them

I have spoken to a lot of exhausted people recently, even with the good news that many of us have experienced through this country. Though, nationally there was no massive Red Wave as predicted by the pollsters and the media, these activists and caring human beings have been battered by the surrounding flood waters for a long time now. They are self-proclaimed blue dots living in red areas who are tired of fighting what feels like a losing battle. They tell me they are sick of seeing people in their communities ratifying racism, codifying misogyny, and amening homophobia; of...

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The myth of discrimination: How the culture of White Supremacy killed Tyre Nichols

“Every police officer who killed Tyre Nichols was Black. This cannot be White Supremacy.” These are words spoken and written by people who see the water pouring from their kitchen faucet and don’t think about the long path of the water coming out of it; the circuitous miles of pipes it had to travel to get to their glass and what it passed through on the way over time and space. The officers who killed him were simply the spigot. White Supremacy is the plumbing. The idea that the violence against Black people committed by officers of color here...

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Reasons for despair: Why the new “Great Depression” comes from our profound sense of political dread

A similar thing happens to me on many mornings lately. My eyes open and I suddenly become aware that I am awake. My mind quickly begins assembling the first few seconds of my day … making plans, organizing my checklist, when a terrible interruption breaks in and I remember: Yes, that unhinged madman was actually our President. And yes, he and his administration really planned a violent insurrection that nearly toppled our Government, simply because he could not admit that he lost an election. That really happened. And what is worse, is that it feels like he is going...

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Compulsory Christianity: The danger of professed Christians who have no real interest in Jesus

There is nothing more dangerous than professed Christians who have no real interest in Jesus. They are rather easy to spot if you are paying attention. They are usually the ones most loudly claiming things like religious liberty while methodically swallowing up the personal freedoms and elemental rights of other people. They incessantly broadcast their devotion of God on their bumpers and bellies, while living antithetically to the compassionate heart of Jesus actually found in the Scriptures. Their spirituality is largely performative: a showy firework display of culture war talking points and religious buzzwords that distracts from the truth...

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Being done with church: When people reach the limit of what they can tolerate in their house of worship

Today may be your personal Exodus. This year may have been your last straw. You may have reached the limit of what you can tolerate from the Church and its people. Perhaps you’ve been tending an uneasy peace with it all for a while now: the hypocrisy and bitterness and cruelty that call itself Love — and now you’ve finally been pushed beyond what you can take. You’ve watched the damage done by human beings like those who will fill the building you once called home on Sundays and you know that can’t go back. Not this Sunday. Likely...

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A yuletide assault: The real War on Christmas has been waged by the Religious Right for years

Yes, there is a war on Christmas in America. The Evangelicals were right. The pulpit-pounding preachers were right. Franklin Graham was right. The Republicans were right. Donald Trump was right. Fox News was right. The Religious Right was right. Every single one of them was speaking gospel truth. They have all been warning me for years, and I didn’t want to believe them, lest hopelessness set in — but the proof is unavoidable now and I need to confess they were right and I was wrong. I once was blind and now I see it clearly. They told me...

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