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Author: John Pavlovitz

If countless Americans can give their lives to preserve our right to vote, we can take the time to do it

How much is America worth to you? What would you sacrifice in order to stop the suffering you are seeing every day on the news and on your timeline and in your neighborhood and in your living room? How much would you be willing to lose if you knew you could alter the trajectory of this nation? What courageous and selfless acts might you be capable of, if you were certain that you could be the difference in millions of human beings living or dying? If America were placed in your hands alone, how much would you give to...

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A Theology of Ignorance: Christian opposition of science during a pandemic is a rebuke of God’s divinity

Every day I watch Christians violently attacking God. They fill churches without distancing and without masks. They defy restrictions designed to stop the spread of this virus. They malign the scientific experts trying to protect them. They condemn school officials for not meeting in-person. They shrug their shoulders at the numbers of dead people. They reopen their churches despite being implored not to. And they do it all in the name of a God who they say they trust more than Science, but that is not actually entirely true. Yes, Jesus saves — but Science has been saving them...

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A sudden preoccupation with the suburbs to make White people afraid for the wrong reasons

Dear Suburban White People in America, Donald Trump is right: you should be very afraid – just not of the people he tells you to fear. I know this year has been relentless in its terrors and challenges, and in your exhausted state it may be difficult to think clearly but I want to try because it is important. I want you to step back and consider the message he has been sending to you in his press conferences and via overnight tweet storms and through his bottom-feeding surrogates and in his dollar store stormtrooper deployments—and especially with his...

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There are no Blue Lives: Being opposed to police brutality is not an attack on law enforcement

Support for peaceful protestors means being “against the police.” That is the lie I hear every single day in Trump’s America. It is a myth perpetuated by this President and his party and by people like them: white people who don’t want to address the systemic racism embedded in law enforcement or the persistent brutality against people of color on display—and who attempt to push people to the very opposite of poles in order to avoid talking about it: “Choose Black Lives or Blue Lives,” they say. “Those are the options.” This choice is not only unnecessary, it is...

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An Emotional Divide: Grieving for the relationships that will not survive this Presidency

I’ll never understand it. As long as I live, it will never really make sense to me. Yeah, I’ve read all the research, analyzed all the data, digested a thousand think pieces, and watched countless late night cable TV commentaries over the past four years — and all of them together still don’t add up to this. They don’t explain once rational, otherwise decent, educated people fully taking leave of their senses: people I’ve grown up with, served on mission trips with, families who’ve had my kids over for sleepovers, older relatives I spent decades aspiring to become, ministers...

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Tethered to Toxicity: Everything is at stake in the 2020 election

It is heartbreaking to see someone you love in a toxic relationship: watching them be continually torn down and berated, treated with complete disregard, humiliated publicly over and over again — and knowing that despite how much damage has been inflicted, they will likely stay with their abuser, to their own detriment. There is a unique kind of helplessness when a human being is so blinded by their past hopes about what the other person would become, that they can’t see what they actually are presently; when they are so consumed with the story they’ve told themselves about the...

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