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Author: John Pavlovitz

A Green Light for Armed Vigilantes: White America has been on trial along with Kyle Rittenhouse

While Rittenhouse escaped justice, the institutions of White Supremacy will not be so fortunate. The evidence against it cannot be as easily manipulated or arbitrarily dismissed. In their breathless advocacy of the heavily-armed vigilante, over and over in comment sections, message boards, cable talk shows, workplace break rooms, and kitchen tables, White Americans have convincingly testified against themselves. Rittenhouse’s defenders are a case study in how afflicted with privilege and infected with racism this nation still is, and the intellectual gymnastics white people will engage in to justify the violence of people who look and vote like them, and...

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If the truth offends: When racists complain that they are tired of being labeled as racists

I often hear about how many White people in America are tired of being called racist for voting Republican. The assembled pundits expounded eloquently about how “toxic” it is for them to constantly be bombarded with the assertion that their alignment with the GOP is based solely on White Supremacy. Further, they warned “activists on the Left” to be cautious about a corrosive political tactic that would surely drive these people deeper into solidarity with Donald Trump and his surrogates and ensure Republican victories in 2022 and 2024. The conclusion of the conversation seemed to be that White people...

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A Mortal Transgression: How Anthony Fauci sinned against Donald Trump by telling the truth

“The root of the discord lies in the fact that many Christians have embraced the worst aspects of our culture and our politics. When the Christian faith is politicized, churches become repositories not of grace but of grievances, places where tribal identities are reinforced, where fears are nurtured, and where aggression and nastiness are sacralized. The result is not only wounding the nation; it’s having a devastating impact on the Christian faith.” – Peter Wehner A reader outside of the United States messaged me and asked me to explain the Right’s incessant attacks on Dr. Anthony Fauci. From his...

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Good people should hate the hatred this nation is afflicted with

I often have people tell me that I’m a hateful human being. Sometimes, these are complete strangers who incessantly lurk like sharks in my Twitter feed, other times estranged family members firing one last injurious email salvo before blocking me from responding, or self-righteous former church friends assuring me that I am going to hell but promising they are praying I will find Jesus before it is too late. For a long time, I would passionately refute these accusations; mounting a fierce defense of my position and offering a ready litany of evidence proving that they have mislabeled me,...

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The Trauma of Denial: Why children are suffering from self-serving adults who have weaponized the pandemic

It is open season on American school children. In the wake of nearly two years of a pandemic that has raged furiously through the planet, politically-poisoned, religion-addled people who have spent that time continually moving the goalposts of what they will protest against (distancing, restrictions, lockdowns, masks, and vaccines), have resorted to digging in their heels and making our schools the hill they’re willing to die on. The anti-mask, anti-vax zealots are everywhere around our children, who are desperately trying to simply find normalcy and to learn in the middle of an unprecedented disaster. They are in school board...

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God and Country: The “Right” religion is one that makes us more empathetic human beings

In organized religion, one of the central questions has always been and continues to be “Who has it Right?” For millennia, billions and billions of human beings spanning the planet have individually and collectively struggled to correctly discern the source of life, the character (if there is one) of that source, and the implications of that. For some, this has led to fully embracing a precise religious tradition, others to a vague and shifting spirituality that doesn’t quite feel truly at home in any rigid system, and others to be passionately adversarial to religion of any kind, seeing it...

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