Author: Cherrie Hanson

Money Hungry: Satisfying our consumeristic need for wealth and well-being

The money you disburse into the marketplace is your point of power. It is where you have agency. How you purchase goods, who you hire, even what you pay for a haircut, supports or devalues, depending on your relationship with money. Those pocketbook decisions are as intentional as your vote, but the effect is much less convoluted. You can elect someone who shares your values, but there are intercepting concessions, more players, and more influences. When you buy goods or services from a small business owner, even if it costs more, you have voted for more of that kind...

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Faith Fluid: When “none” is the default definition of our spiritual identity

I prefer to be private about my faith journey, and feel it is an intimate affair. But within the context of my career at an interfaith organization, curiosity about my religious identity lingers without a concise response. My predecessors who check the religious affiliation box “none,” default to a choice with a blank definition of their spiritual beliefs. According to Ryan Burge, Christian minister and political scientist, who coined the term “Nones,” this population is growing astronomically. In March of 2019, the General Social Survey revealed that they were as large as both Roman Catholics and Evangelical Protestants. Burge...

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