Author: Amanda Ali

Twins and Tintype: Millennials trade selfies for Civil War era imagery

On a mild winter morning just after the polar vortex, my twin sister Lena and I got the opportunity to have a tintype photoshoot with Margaret Muza. We have posed together for selfies and had friends take pictures of us. But we have not sat together with a professional photographer for a studio portrait since we were little, and this experience was something completely new. The wet plate studio for Margaret, a Milwaukee-based photographer, is nestled within a cluster of industrial buildings near Jones Island. Her space is decorated with vintage but functional furniture, period clothing, and antique memorabilia...

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A Hope For Justice After Testimony Highlights the Trauma and Pain Women Dare Not Speak Of

On Thursday, September 27th, 2018, Milwaukee, the nation, and the world watched Dr. Christine Blasey Ford give personal testimony detailing her sexual assault 36 years ago. She did so in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington DC. Like many other women, I felt her pain with every word. And like her, I hoped for justice and accountability. Regardless of political affiliation, the Kavanaugh-Blasey Ford hearings have been influencing the world. Dr. Blasey Ford has encouraged women from different backgrounds, ages and professions to come forward and talk about their own sexual assault experiences. Her testimony is sparking...

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Yacht Blast brings hope and fun on the water to wish kids for 10th season

The 10th annual Yacht Blast for Kids was held on September 16 at the Milwaukee Yacht Club, giving Make-A-Wish children and their families the opportunity to spend a fun-filled morning riding on Lake Michigan and the Milwaukee River. In addition to the boat excursions for the wish kids, the day also featured live music, food, a Packers game, and a silent auction with proceeds supporting Make-A-Wish’s grant wishing efforts. “Make-A-Wish is an incredible organization, and we are proud to be a supporter to help the children and families enjoy their day,” said Craig Foust, event coordinator of the 2018...

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