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Author: Alonzo Kelly

Animals hibernate in winter, people should not

My son asked me last Fall if the “Fill-in-the-Blank” Movements are seasonal, because they seem to disappear in the Winter. It certainly caught me by surprise and inconveniently disrupted my focus at the time, to devote attention to his bigger point. Where does all the energy toward a particular “cause” go after brief moments of collective community synergy? In reflection of the times, where we as a community displayed our most embarrassing ugliness toward one another, I must accept the reality that nothing was ever solved. It makes a person wonder if the issues were like a burning inferno...

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Alonzo Kelly: We treat pets better than our neighbors

I watched a dog show the other day and it made my heart hurt. Every dog they ran around the room had a story. From where it originated, an explanation of behaviors traced back five generations, the best environments in which it would thrive, and many other important facts about their history and personality given in detail. I listened to these dog lovers go on and on about the deep love they had for their dogs, and how they’ve become much more than pets. Which brings me to the point about us as people, and to you the reader....

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