Alderman Robert J. Bauman has called for an investigation into if We Energies ratepayers in Milwaukee will be on the hook for funding critical electrical utility infrastructure for the soon-to-be-built Foxconn facility near Racine.

As chair of the Common Council’s Public Works Committee, Alderman Bauman will bring the issue to that committee for a hearing on January 4 to discuss the possible rate hike.

To serve the Foxconn facility in Racine, the American Transmission Company (ATC) is proposing a $140 million substation with high voltage power lines. Alderman Bauman is calling for the City of Milwaukee to explore what, if any, standing Milwaukee has as a major utility customer to object to the massive proposed utility project.

“We could have a situation where low-income Milwaukee citizens, who have no transit connections to Foxconn for future employment options, are paying for the plant three times: once through their state taxes, a second time through their utility bill and a third time through their property taxes, water bills, and fees,” Alderman Bauman said.

Recently, ATC was quoted by a local media outlet as saying the project would be funded by Wisconsin ratepayers.

“If ratepayers here are suddenly stuck with paying for We Energies’ relocation costs in Racine County, then this is a major concern and an issue we need to discuss further with the City Attorney,” the alderman said.

Alderman Bauman has also stated that he has serious concerns about the entities partnering with ATC on the project, and has asked for the City Attorney and Intergovernmental Relations Division staff to attend the Public Works Committee meeting.

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Lee Matz