The Milwaukee County Historical Society hosted a 30th anniversary celebration and exhibit for the BoDeans, the most well known rock band to hail from the Milwaukee-Waukesha area, on June 16. The group gave their first live performance of the new single “My Hometown” on the same day it was released.

All proceeds from iTunes sales of My Hometown
will go to support the Milwaukee County Historical Society.

I guess everybody winds down their own lonely road…
Trying to get some place that feels like home
Trying to find somebody that feels the same way you feel inside
Oh you’re young and foolish and hopeful too
And so many days got away
But you get knocked down and you learn something
Now you, feel like you finally can say…
Hey hey… This is my hometown…

This is my hometown
This is my family
This is where I’m from
This is where I wanna be… When the day is done.

I had, too many years of the promises
And I led myself to believe
There was nothing in this world that I couldn’t do
Took years to finally see
You can spin your wheels down that winding road
There’s nothing left in the end
But I’m older now…
Feel somehow…
It was right there in front of me.