Discovery World hosted the first Milwaukee Classic Dive Rally between its south dock and Lakeshore Park from July 13 to 15, attracting dozens of divers and hundreds of spectators.

For the dive rally, a group of highly-skilled and certified commercial divers and hobbyists put on vintage diving suits for a decent to the bottom of Lake Michigan. The bulky gear, including metal helmets and air hoses, were in wide use for nearly seven decades by the U.S. Navy, and is still deployed by some commercial companies.

Organized by the Lake Michigan Classic Diving Organization (LMCDO), the event also aimed to break the world’s record for most free divers in Lake Michigan over a three-day period.

The Milwaukee Classic Dive Rally was a celebration of the city’s local history in the commercial and deep sea diving industry. The video footage from this special underwater exploration was filmed by Bill Pfeiffer, dive instructor and safety supervisor for the event.