“We have taken the resources that need to go for human development and community development, and put those resources into the military for perpetual wars and support for the armament industry. So when we talk about extreme poverty, it is a political choice and not the result of some economic anomaly. It is a political choice to spend less than any other developed nation in the world on what I call public social spending, like education and job creation.” – Danny Glover

Actor, film director, and political activist Danny Glover is best known for his Hollywood roles in the “Lethal Weapon” movie series and Steven Spielberg’s “The Color Purple.” He spent June 18 in Milwaukee at the opening of the Griot Apartments. Melissa Goins, founder of the Maures Development Group, hosted a Q&A session with him about segregation in Milwaukee, progress towards rebuilding America’s Black Holocaust Museum (ABHM), and social justice issues affecting all aspects of the community. The audio was recorded live by Laura Dyan Kezman during the public discussion with Danny Glover at the event.