State Representative Evan Goyke commended the State’s decision to adopt a smaller regionalized juvenile corrections system, as well as the initiative to repurpose Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake into an adult facility, on April 2. Following the bill signing by the Governor, Representative Goyke made the following statement:

“Today Wisconsin is taking its first step in meaningful corrections reform. I will continue to work hard and lead Wisconsin to ensure these meaningful reforms are implemented swiftly and correctly. I am honored to have worked closely with Rep. Schraa and other bi-partisan authors on the crafting of the legislation and passage of this bill.

This legislation accomplishes great things for our communities, counties, and justice system – both juvenile and adult. Incarcerated youth will now have access to the services and rehabilitation they need while accomplishing these goals closer to their home and families. This is a proven model in other States and we can now establish and implement ‘The Wisconsin Model.’

My efforts to make further reforms to our State’s corrections system, both adult and juvenile, continues into the next legislative session. I look forward to working with my colleagues to make additional reforms a reality.”

At the end of last year Representative Goyke conducted a policy briefing to the state legislature on the Wisconsin prison system. The briefing included an analysis of the State of Wisconsin’s correctional system, an examination of reforms adopted in conservative states across the country, and a discussion of legislative solutions.

Representative Goyke drafted an informational presentation called Inmate 501, which contained many proposals for change that became law on April 2.

State Representative Evan Goyke

State Representative Evan Goyke