Author: Kevan Penvose

Why Kenosha Happened: A powerful message from Rev. Dr. Lisa Bates-Froiland and Dayvin Hallmon

Why did Kenosha happen? It wasn’t just because a police officer shot an unarmed Black man, though that is true. It wasn’t just because this tragedy is one in a long line of continuous tragedies that traumatize Black people, though that is true. It wasn’t just because public leaders see these continuous tragedies and fail to implement necessary changes, though that is true. Kenosha happened because we let our friends and family members go unchecked when they were supporting and enabling racism in our community. Kenosha is not just a small city in southeast Wisconsin. Kenosha is the small...

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A Red Cross reply that remains clueless to racism

“The Red Cross sends its volunteers to war torn countries and places where devastating catastrophes have struck, but no longer feels they can go to certain Milwaukee neighborhoods to serve their fellow Milwaukeeans who are suffering.” – Khalif Rainey, Alderman Editor’s Note: In wake of the Red Cross announcement that the organization would no longer provide service to Milwaukee neighborhoods with high populations of people of color, Kevan Penvose posted a portion of his correspondence with the charity on Facebook. It is easy for people to show outrage on social media, but this is an example of an individual...

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