David Crowley took the oath of office to begin his second term as Milwaukee County Executive on May 9.

On April 2, 2024, Crowley was reelected Milwaukee County Executive with 85% of the total vote. First sworn into office in May of 2020, Crowley became the youngest county executive in the history of Milwaukee County and the first Black leader elected to serve in the role.

When County Executive Crowley was sworn into office for the first term in May of 2020, it was on the front steps of his home with no fanfare celebration due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During his inaugural address at 3rd Street Market Hall in the City of Milwaukee on May 9, Crowley expressed optimism about the future of Milwaukee County and the State of Wisconsin, saying:

“Over the next four years, I’m committed to building upon our successes. I’m committed to addressing the obstacles that are before us. And I’m committed to ensuring Milwaukee County remains a vibrant place to live, work, and succeed. The same goes for the entire State of Wisconsin.

“Just like Milwaukee County, communities across Wisconsin are working to maintain the services that people rely on – like public transit, mental health and substance use treatment, and housing services. From La Crosse and Green Bay, to Watertown and Wausau, our bipartisan work to solve Milwaukee County’s fiscal challenges, through the passage of Act 12, also delivered significant revenue increases to every single community in Wisconsin.

“This is a good thing that we worked with many municipalities and local leaders across the state to realize. And this effort really opened my eyes to what our collective potential and impact can be – if communities across the state just work together. Simply put, our challenges are not all unique.

“While working with Governor Tony Evers and the State Legislature to advocate for the passage of Wisconsin Act 12, I visited cities, towns, and villages across Wisconsin to tell our story and encourage those local leaders, businesses, and non-profit organizations to join our coalition. During those visits, I saw that we’re facing many of the same issues.

“In the Fox Valley, I was reminded that efforts to combat the opioid crisis are happening in every corner of Wisconsin. In Rhinelander and in West Bend, I heard about their work to make housing more affordable and accessible. From La Crosse to Racine, I was reminded that efforts to maintain and enhance public transit services are not easy without adequate resources. And in Wausau and Madison, it became clear to me that access to clean drinking water is not only a challenge for Milwaukee – it’s a Wisconsin issue that requires urgent action.

“My message for leaders across the state is this: Don’t let our work stop here. Let’s harness our resources, let’s harness our relationships, and let’s harness our passion to lead the way forward and advocate for the reforms we want to see in our communities.

“Because here is the deal: What’s good for Milwaukee County is good for all of Wisconsin. And all across the state, strong cities and strong towns are making Wisconsin that much better. That’s why we must keep working together, because we’ve delivered real results and improved the quality of life for those we serve. But again, we can’t stop here. Let us find common ground around the region and the state to advance our shared interests and priorities that move all of us forward.

“We know that Milwaukee County is the economic engine of the State of Wisconsin. And I’m working to grow our economy, I’m working to support our workers, and I’m working to deliver prosperity for Milwaukeeans. But as we rise, Wisconsin rises. As we grow stronger, Wisconsin becomes stronger. We know a prosperous Milwaukee County and a successful State of Wisconsin go hand-in-hand.

“That’s why we will build on our progress. We will continue leading the way. We will fight the good fight every single day. And we will envision a brighter, healthier, and stronger future – together.”

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Lee Matz