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Before Social Media: How Morse Code altered the way people communicate for 175 years

By Eddie King, Ph.D. Student in Electrical Engineering, University of South Carolina The first message sent by Morse code’s dots and dashes across a long distance traveled from Washington DC, to...
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Student audit finds less Wisconsin residents enrolling in UW System

The University of Wisconsin System’s in-state student enrollment has dropped sharply over the last nine years, reflecting declining regional populations and system efforts to get students to...
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Valedictorian tradition faces an uncertain future in light of tarnished honor

By John R. Thelin, University Research Professor, University of Kentucky As college and high school graduations take place, thousands of select students will step to podiums to deliver their...
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Immigrants to Wisconsin without lawyers often remain stuck in a purgatory of detention

After analyzing data of Wisconsin residents with cases beginning between 2010 and 2015, it was found that those who had lawyers were more than six times as likely to be allowed to stay in the...
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National spotlight will be on Milwaukee’s Latino community during LULAC National Convention

By Ana Martinez-Ortiz • Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service In a year when issues such as immigration and a proposed wall at the Mexican border have become major political issues, the nation’s...
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Blue Star program offers military families free summer visits to Milwaukee Art Museum

The Art Museum will participate in the annual Blue Star Museums program, a collaboration among the National Endowment of the Arts, Blue Star Families, the Department of Defense and more than 2,000...
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Coastal flooding and shoreline erosion expected along Lake Michigan region until end of 2019

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit District, announces that record high water levels are forecasted on several of the Great Lakes over the next six months. Due to recent wet conditions, the...
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Trauma-Informed Care offers Milwaukee children a new approach for finding hope and healing

Over the past few decades, a culture developed that seemed to place a higher value on bureaucratic outcomes of health care than on fostering positive human connections. The effort to make a sweeping...
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Maybe one day people of faith will actually love other living people as much as they do embryos

Conservatives tell us all the time how much they love embryos. They speak effusively about them in conversation, publicly revere them, shed crocodile tears over them, accost strangers entering...
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The Alt-Constitution: A corrupt interpretation of America’s supreme law

By John E. Finn, Professor Emeritus of Government, Wesleyan University Constitution worship does not encourage or even tolerate critical thinking about the Founders or their work. Nor does it make...
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Tangled web of politics ensnares Wisconsin with Foxconn, Terry Gou, Donald Trump, and China

To assist the explanation, this infographic details the relationships between Wisconsin, the United States, Taiwan and China, as well as Foxconn, Gou, and Trump. To assist the explanation, this...
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Corporate Welfare: Latest legislative audit finds WEDC still paying for undelivered jobs

The May 10 audit found continuing problems at Wisconsin’s economic development agency, the state entity that manages the Foxconn contract and remains mired in mismanagement controversies. The...
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