The one-day-only exhibit chronicles a history of the Nationalist Movement in Puerto Rico at Inspiration Studios in West Allis on July 20.

This rare collection, curated and hosted by educator/historian Luis López, is called A Historical Thumbnail View of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Movement, and presents a rich assembly of artifacts documenting the country’s push for independence.

“The purpose of this exhibit is to offer the community a connection to Puerto Rico’s history outside of a textbook, but through original artifacts that tell a story. It also offers any history enthusiast an opportunity to learn more about Puerto Rico’s story and its perspective as it relates to the United States history,” said López. “This particular exhibit is a must see because it will familiarize the viewers with names and events of people with a particular ideal and mission.”

A Puerto Rico native, Luis López, moved to Wisconsin to complete his college education in Liberal Arts, Music, Education and Administrative Leadership. He has been a passionate educator in the Milwaukee Public Schools for 18 years and is an avid musician, focusing on music of Puerto Rico.

López strives to educate audiences on some of the history and culture, and certainly the struggles of Puerto Rico. Along with López’s explanation of the many documents on display, this one-day exhibit offers a self-guided tour of the documents and a revolving media presentation.

“I am inspired by the simple notion that I am learning about the story of the country where I was born and raised. I place no judgement on the events, but rather look at historical facts as an explanation of the present,” added López. I have the opportunity to teach US History in schools, and now see that I could have learned more about Puerto Rico’s story. When I reflect on my years as a student in PR, I come to realize that I am missing a lot of information about the story of my island. This is part of my desire to quench my thirst of knowledge of my history.”

The documents and artifacts are a validation of Puerto Rico’s past and present. The exhibit is an opportunity for people to learn about the unwritten stories and facts not found in the history books.

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