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COVID-19 | Coronavirus Updates

This page features news reports published by Milwaukee Independent about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on the local community.

Editorial Note: In light of the coronavirus health situation affecting Milwaukee and its unknown implications for the future, we will continue publishing daily as a beacon of information and education for the community. We are fortunate to have an adaptive style of journalism and production management system that puts us in a safe and responsible position. As such, we have decided to publish beyond our usual format when timely news and conditions better serve the public interest.

  1. Bad Data: A pandemic and privacy fears threaten the very purpose of the 2020 census
  2. A Lost Decade: Where the trajectory of today will take us by 2030 if we fail to alter course
  3. Trying to reach “herd immunity” without a COVID-19 vaccine is a disastrous pandemic response strategy
  4. Literature as a coping tool: How Science fiction helps young readers build mental resiliency
  5. COVID-19 crisis dims Milwaukee’s DNC spotlight as plans confirmed for nearly all-virtual convention
  6. When fiction and real life collide: Defining a dystopia by the state of politics
  7. How toxic Conservatism focuses on increasing wealth for elitists at the expense of democracy
  8. When the applause ends: Essential workers deserve to be valued in a post-coronavirus economy
  9. Intangible benefits: Why Americans have quickly tired of hand-washing and social distancing
  10. Staying Safe Outdoors: Lyme disease symptoms and other summer illnesses could be mistaken for COVID-19
  11. The Great Coronavirus Depression: Four key factors provide a roadmap for historical context
  12. Working while sick: Wisconsin employees fear being fired if absent due to an illness
  13. The Metaphor of War: When this pandemic is over the problems of inequality will remain
  14. Ongoing COVID-19 crisis moves Milwaukee’s “Storm the Bastille” run into a virtual space for 2020
  15. The world is what we made: Finding hope in humanity after the emptiness of our shared existence
  16. Why companies are ending hazard pay for essential workers even as the pandemic rages on
  17. Commemorating Freedom: Juneteenth officially recognized as a holiday in Milwaukee County
  18. Comeback Cuisine: Box lunch program encourages employers to support neighborhood eateries
  19. Pandemic causes Underground Collaborative to permanently close community arts center
  20. Economic history repeats itself: Black Americans are enduring the brunt of the coronavirus recession
  21. Reopening the economy has become a partisan issue between the rule followers and rule breakers
  22. Robin Vos under fire for racist comment blaming “immigrant culture” for COVID-19 outbreak in Racine
  23. COVID-19 disparities linked to broader toll of racism on African Americans in Wisconsin
  24. Graffiti artists and muralists send messages of hope and despair with coronavirus public art
  25. A Darkness Made Visible: Creating art to cope with the affects of mental illness
  26. Protesting amid pandemic: How to stay safe from coronavirus while supporting “Black Lives Matter”
  27. How COVID-19 could modify future hospital designs to accommodate the sudden surge of patients
  28. Milwaukee small business owners experience financial hardships from slow federal response to COVID-19
  29. Pandemic Capitalism: Searching for an alternative to the cruel absurdity of status quo politics
  30. Keep Your Distance: Creative ways to socialize with boundaries in the pandemic era
  31. Killing Our Humanity: A 12 step guide for how not to make a pandemic worse
  32. The Invisible Enemy: Inmates fear the COVID-19 pandemic in overcrowded Wisconsin prisons
  33. The proposal of a COVID-19 immunity passport raises legal and ethical concerns
  34. Entering a new Era: How the social impact from COVID-19 will shape the next generation
  35. The Pandemic Diet: A hunger for comfort food magnifies already unhealthy eating behaviors
  36. How Quickly We Forget: The Lost and Disrespected Victims of COVID-19
  37. How white supremacist groups exploit governmental chaos to support their recruitment efforts
  38. UPAF Ride for the Arts will allow participants to start from anywhere for 40th Anniversary fundraiser
  39. Sculpture Milwaukee’s “outdoor museum” returning for 2020 season with more world-class artworks
  40. Discovery World launches community challenge to fuel an increase of science literacy in Milwaukee
  41. HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver criticizes Robin Vos over in-person voting amid pandemic
  42. Making votes count: Other options for replacing the Electoral College
  43. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them
  44. Staying afloat during the pandemic: COVID-19 exposed fissures in our social safety net
  45. Wisconsin Circuit Courts seek safe plan to resume jury trials and in-person hearings during pandemic
  46. Redlining from past decades positioned communities for greater risk during coronavirus crisis
  1. We Can’t Breathe: The Never-Ending Battle Against Police Brutality
  2. Milwaukee residents hold peaceful rally seeking end to state-sponsored violence against people of color
  3. Ellen M. Gilligan: Now is the time for racial justice in Milwaukee
  4. Amtrak to restore Amtrak Hiawatha Service from Milwaukee to Chicago on June 1
  5. Fare collection will resume for all Milwaukee County Transit System buses on June 1
  6. Milwaukee Public Schools to honor 2020 graduates with a weeklong celebration of virtual ceremonies
  7. A Class War: Why federal bailouts for fossil fuel industry is a priority over assisting regular people
  8. A Hero Lives Here: Reexamining the definition of Heroism during the Pandemic
  9. You Matter: Uplifting solidarity campaign launches for Milwaukee’s communities of color
  10. Wanted: A Vaccine to Cure White People’s Irrational Fear of Black People
  11. Milwaukee nonprofit included in Oprah Winfrey’s $12M coronavirus relief grants to “home” cities
  12. “Pop-Up” Drive-in Theatre initiative offers Milwaukee families a safe entertainment experience
  13. Scam Alert: Robocalls target local residents with fake at-home COVID-19 testing kits
  14. Disabled Wisconsin residents see their lives upended by a coronavirus-driven shortage of caregivers
  15. The first 100 days: Study shows delay of nationwide lockdown contributed to massive death toll
  16. Life vs. Money: Loss and recovery determined by reaction speed to COVID-19 crisis
  17. An unearned privilege: Americans today are wasting their inherited freedom
  18. Mask Up: Wisconsin health officials urge individuals to wear face protection to slow spread of COVID-19
  19. Blaming victims of COVID-19: Racism twisted a health crisis into a culture war
  20. No wealth, poor health: COVID-19 has exposed the depth of inequity for marginalized communities
  21. Online resource launches to help teach about Milwaukee’s historic Solders Home
  22. An Unfathomable Scale: How do we grieve the loss of 100,000 American lives?
  23. From the Vietnam War to COVID-19: How “death by numbers” altered the way we mourn
  24. State leaders urge Trump to continue funding the Wisconsin National Guard’s COVID-19 assistance
  25. Lack of support for military families adds mental health struggles on top of the pandemic crisis
  26. From WWII to Charlottesville: A brief history of African-Americans fighting fascism and racism
  27. A response to questions about “The Myth of Anti-Whiteness”
  28. New state program offers relief grant to minority-owned businesses affected by COVID-19
  29. A COVID-19 Summer: Pools and aquatic facilities at Milwaukee County Parks to remain closed
  30. Milwaukee’s park system drops four spots in national ranking amid pandemic
  31. Frederick Law Olmsted’s knowledge of contagious diseases informed his vision for urban parks
  32. Just like for the construction of the Panama Canal, non-white lives are expendable again
  33. Wisconsin Elections Commission releases analysis of absentee ballots from spring election
  34. Milwaukee residents file lawsuit over Constitutional right to vote safely in Wisconsin’s next election
  35. Study shows Wisconsin’s April 7 in-person election resulted in explosion of new COVID-19 infections
  36. Reopening Milwaukee will only be successful if we work together to keep our community safe
  37. A Tragic American Fable: The Pied Piper of Coronavirus
  38. Poverty, Misery, and Death: What the new American exceptionalism means during a pandemic
  39. Gated against coronavirus: The “Third Places” that once created our social fabric
  40. A President’s Crusade: Remembering when FDR made the eradication of polio his personal business
  41. Next financial crisis: A tsunami of bankruptcies expected as people go broke from COVID-19 shutdown
  42. Joe Biden holds virtual rally for Milwaukee voters and blames Trump for dreadful pandemic response
  43. Gay bars were already closing their doors before the coronavirus hit
  44. A dirty history of soap: The rather gross ingredients used to make things clean
  45. Political Bullies: Wisconsin “Reopen” supporters follow misogynist playbook of beating up on women
  46. Governor Tony Evers directs $1 billion in CARES Act funding to fight COVID-19 in Wisconsin
  47. Milwaukee’s Interfaith community members consider cautious strategies for preparing in-person worship
  48. Legislators have turned Wisconsin into a failed state over their political greed
  49. Us vs. Them: The pandemic has transitioned from public health crisis to partisan quarrel
  50. Money in, money out: Understanding the financial relationship of states with the federal government
  51. An Economic Civil War: Age-old racial wounds are exposed in effort to relax COVID-19 protections
  52. Some of you will have to die: The push to reopen the economy has been about votes, not saving lives
  53. How American lives are being sold out to ensure economic profits and political interests
  54. Evaluating the risks: Ways to stay safe now that states are reopening
  55. Some legal protections exist for employees pressured to return to work in unsafe environments
  56. The Myth of Anti-Whiteness: When telling the truth is mischaracterized as attacking whites
  57. Identifying symptoms of trauma: First-responders and front-line healthcare workers at risk of PTSD
  58. Finding Balance: Milwaukee’s response to pandemic serves as a possible roadmap for other communities
  59. Scientific evidence repeatedly confirms that public mask-wearing helps stop the spread of COVID-19
  60. The Plandemic Hoax: Debunking coronavirus myths and fighting political misinformation
  61. Droneography, zoomography, and the art of capturing distant images in isolation
  62. Amabie the Yōkai: Mythical spirit from Japanese culture re-emerges as uplifting mascot
  63. Skyrocketing rate of unemployment claims in Wisconsin could deplete state fund by autumn
  64. Generations Under Pressure: Coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating effect on mental health
  65. Essential workers in America lack sick leave benefits that are taken for granted in other countries
  66. An open letter from the Novel Coronavirus to Humanity: Thank You!
  67. No concern for others: White Wisconsin residents unable to act responsibly as state is forced open
  68. Local businesses face a minefield of lawsuits over safety as they rush to reopen during a pandemic
  69. Coronavirus-related health care costs could escalate as more Americans become infected
  70. Adjusting to the pandemic: DNC advances contingency options for 2020 National Convention in Milwaukee
  71. Lessons on Resilience, Empathy, and Magic from Life is Beautiful and Roberto Benigni in the COVID-19 Era
  72. Jewish Museum Milwaukee expands public reach during pandemic shutdown with virtual exhibits
  73. From Yellow Peril to Chinese Virus: The long history of racism against Asian Americans
  74. Moving Milwaukee Forward: Health officials prioritizes safety guidelines in preparation for reopening
  75. Fiscal Crisis: COVID-19 costs and lost revenue has a $450M impact on Milwaukee County’s budget
  76. Reggie Jackson: From “Service workers” to “Essential workers” and the sad irony for poorly paid Americans
  77. Mayor Tom Barrett says Milwaukee’s Stay at Home order remains in place to keep public safe
  78. SCOWIS delivers de facto death sentence for state residents by blocking “Safer at Home” order
  79. Marquette Poll finds strong majority of Wisconsinites remain supportive of “Stay at Home” policy
  80. Wisconsin hair salon owner claimed “Safer at Home” order violated her freedom of religion
  81. Expendable Workers: Being called “essential” only describes the work and not the people doing it
  82. Human rights defenders fight to protect immigrants in detention amid COVID-19 pandemic
  83. Reshaping Personalities: How the coronavirus pandemic will be imprinted on the soul of our nation
  84. New simulation projects a massive loss of American lives if “Reopen” fanatics have their way
  85. Tyranny Tantrums: Reopen protests fail to understand how the balance of power works in a democracy
  86. Next phase of pandemic woes: Anti-vaxxers plan to refuse a COVID-19 vaccine
  87. Why Black America does not trust that justice will prevail in the Ahmaud Arbery murder
  88. Favoring the Rich: Wisconsin parents speak out about the harmful results of Trump’s economic policies
  89. Who is the We? If Black Lives “did” matter “we” would all be in this together
  90. Wisconsin chefs say the pandemic has only exacerbated an already beleaguered restaurant industry
  91. WisDOT offers online license renewals and waves road tests for teen drivers during pandemic
  92. Reggie Jackson: The lost generation of our elders who fell victim to COVID-19 at their place of care
  93. The Coronavirus Dead: How forensic pathologists handle overloaded morgues and infectious remains
  94. Wisconsin’s 115th Fighter Wing team assists state medical examiners with mortuary operations
  95. National Guard teams continue supporting mobile COVID-19 testing sites across Wisconsin
  96. Quarantine Fatigue: Wisconsin health experts warn against the rush to end social distancing
  97. Historical project seeks journals that document everyday life in Wisconsin during COVID-19 pandemic
  98. Too afraid to touch: What gets lost in the void created by social distancing
  99. Demand for national vote-by-mail program fueled by infections related to Wisconsin’s election
  100. Municipal clerks scramble to ensure public safety as Wisconsin prepares for next election during pandemic
  101. False comfort from misplaced faith: The COVID-19 pandemic is not part of God’s spiritual plan
  102. “Active Streets” to provide more safe recreational spaces for Milwaukee residents during pandemic
  103. Japanese American National Museum says Justice Bradley’s reference to Korematsu case is offensive
  104. Army veteran Arvin McCray goes home after a 50-day ordeal fighting COVID-19 to stay alive
  105. Milwaukee County passes ordinance to improve public health by advancing racial equity
  106. Detailed federal guide from CDC for reopening country suppressed as national death toll climbs
  107. Reggie Jackson: Message Received, All Lives Don’t Matter!
  108. No going “back to normal” for Milwaukee’s black community after COVID-19
  109. Human Lives vs. The Economy: History shows financial interests have won out over moral concerns
  110. Exploiting an opportunity: How white supremacist groups took advantage of the “Reopen” protests
  111. Justice Bradley’s ignorance of history: “Safer at Home” order is not like the internment of Japanese Americans
  112. Why We Stay Home: A free book on coronavirus for children of color
  113. Wisconsin school children to get temporary food benefits under student lunch program extension
  114. Study finds that decision-making algorithms do not improve the lives of youth in Child Welfare System
  115. Curbside book pickup now available at Milwaukee Public Library’s Central Branch
  116. Reggie Jackson: Lessons from when San Francisco reopened too soon after the 1918 Flu Pandemic
  117. Clues to Wisconsin’s coronavirus future can be found by revisiting a past pandemic
  118. From Heilongjiang with Love: Wisconsin welcomes PPE donation from sister province in China
  119. West Allis shop works to repair its relationship with Latino community after social media uproar
  120. Cyber Codependency: Coronavirus exposes our society’s need for the internet
  121. Law and Disorder: Non-Violent Civil Rights Campaigns vs. Armed Protestors Today
  122. This is MAGA America: The White Privilege to Terrorize
  123. The screaming “American Patriot” is a portrait of how the individualist movement has failed
  124. An Incentive for Fear: The truth is losing out as lies proliferate under corporate media system
  125. The ability to inspire: Leadership lessons from how Abraham Lincoln managed a national crisis
  126. If getting back to normal is not an option, then we need to embrace the new abnormal together
  127. An Outbreak of Silence: Common Council members troubled by lack of safety at Smithfield Foods
  128. Is food safe to eat? Understanding the coronavirus outbreaks at Wisconsin meatpacking plants
  129. Alcohol-related health woes could follow pandemic as more people binge drink in order to cope
  130. Titans of Capitalism reap profits amid pandemic while working people make sacrifices for the common good
  131. Love for Jayla: Terminally ill girl gets special birthday parade led by Milwaukee Fire Department
  132. Lake Michigan’s water level expected to remain high well into spring
  133. Low-income riders are paying the price for mass transit systems impacted by the coronavirus
  134. Staff at the Milwaukee Rep pitch in to produce masks and face shields for local medical workers
  135. IMPACT 211 Crisis Contact Center receives grant to expand staff and services during pandemic
  136. Pre-Pandemic Life: When the month of May meant being outside in the festive crush of humanity
  137. Wisconsin Counties face budget crunch due to health services strained by coronavirus response
  138. No One-Size-Fits-All Plan: The dilemma for States to reopen without triggering a new COVID-19 surge
  139. In search of immunity: The road from surviving COVID-19 to being officially recovered
  140. Community Health Centers in Milwaukee expand access to underserved residents for COVID-19 testing
  1. Problems Beyond Pandemic: A wounded soul and the moral injury from two decades of war
  2. The COVID-19 crisis is exposing elderly veterans to more health and economic threats
  3. VA health care facilities grapple with responding to coronavirus challenges
  4. Wisconsin’s Citizen Soldiers continue lending assistance at Milwaukee County alternate care facility
  5. Citizen Mobilization: The need for applying Cold War-style preparedness to fight future pandemics
  6. Stacey Williams-Ng: Milwaukee Murals Speak for Themselves
  7. Rebel Converting to donate 3.5 million face mask kits for local MaskUpMKE campaign
  8. Shopping during Pandemic: Customers at Pete’s Fruit Market get surprise gift with free groceries
  9. More Summer Festivities Fizzle: Pandemic concerns cancel Lakefront Fireworks and July 4th celebrations
  10. Saving Lives: Evers Administration asks court to toss lawsuit that seeks to block “Safer at Home” order
  11. Reggie Jackson: With coronavirus in our prisons and jails, do All Lives still matter?
  12. COVID-19 cases rise at Wisconsin Corrections Facilities as health experts warn about nationwide impact
  13. Black people are 4.2 times more likely to face prosecution for Marijuana possession in Wisconsin
  14. States are putting incarcerated populations to work manufacturing pandemic provisions
  15. Milwaukee Police Department to begin enforcement of “Safer at Home” ordinance
  16. Trump supporters stage rally in Madison to promote their right to die and get everyone sick with COVID-19
  17. A wave of black leadership continues with Marcelia Nicholson as Chairwoman of County Supervisors
  18. Unemployment benefits need expansion to help Wisconsin’s skyrocketing rate of jobless workers
  19. Economic slump from coronavirus is driving increased demand for food assistance in Wisconsin
  20. Worry grows over second wave of COVID-19 triggered by pressure to ease lockdowns
  21. School network provides safe education with online program for Milwaukee’s Latino students
  22. One month of digital classrooms: How Wisconsin schools contend with the limits of distance learning
  23. Essential and Vulnerable: Advocates share concern for the safety of migrant farm laborers amid COVID-19
  24. Wisconsin clergy group joins with workers in support of State’s “Safer at Home” extension
  25. As churches face steep declines religious leaders struggle to build congregations online
  26. Dominic Inouye: The positive things happening in our bodies during the COVID-19 crisis
  27. Lacking out-of-state political support, Milwaukee’s fake grassroots “Reopen” protest fizzles
  28. A Viral Ideology: “Reopen” protest movement created by Tea Party tactics and boosted by racism
  29. Virtual health care options do not exist for rural communities already lacking medical access
  30. The impact from COVID-19 on healthy lungs can range from no symptoms to severe pneumonia
  31. Reggie Jackson: A COVID-19 Timeline and the President’s Accelerated Velocity of Terminological Inexactitude
  32. COVID-19 has exposed the “Myth of Choice” in American’s Healthcare system
  33. Windfall for rich investors: Medical staffing firms cut doctor pay and now want bailout money
  34. Corporate Payoffs: No accountability for the coronavirus bailout repeats the mistakes of 2008
  35. PSA: Please do not follow Trump’s suggestion to inject bleach as a cure for coronavirus
  36. All registered voters in Milwaukee to be mailed absentee ballot applications for fall election
  37. Only a handful of states have vote-by-mail policies that can keep elections safe and secure
  38. Ruling by Supreme Court on Wisconsin’s election shows judiciary is unwilling to protect voting rights
  39. Wisconsin residents continue to die as GOP lawmakers ask court to block “Safer at Home” extension
  40. Milwaukee Health Department confirms several cases of COVID-19 tied to April 7 in-person election activities
  41. JoCasta Zamarripa makes history by becoming Milwaukee’s first Latina Alderwoman
  42. City of Milwaukee leaders take oath of office for next four year term during coronavirus crisis
  43. Reggie Jackson: When white privilege comes up against a pandemic
  44. Ethics for difficult times: One person’s stockpiling can mean another person’s shortage
  45. Nixon and Earth Day: Looking back 50 years ago at a President who cared about the environment
  46. Fighting the Coronavirus: Overlooked heroes on the frontline of the health emergency
  47. Political operatives designed Anti-Stay-at-Home rallies to divert attention and keep public divided
  48. “Badger Bounce Back” plan outlines criteria for Wisconsin to safely reopen its economy in phases
  49. Wisconsin takes steps to dramatically increase capacity for COVID-19 testing
  50. Health care providers in Milwaukee area ask for community help to keep caregivers safe from COVID-19
  51. Reggie Jackson: Re-evaluating patriotism and the definition of being a hero during the pandemic
  52. COVID-19 Never Happened: How Gaslighting will lie to the public that life has returned to normal
  53. Tackling the Infodemic: Social media companies must do more to stem coronavirus misinformation
  54. How the deadly polio epidemic changed American life for decades before a vaccine was found
  55. We’re NOT all in this together: Reckless protest flaunts Brookfield’s white privilege during pandemic
  56. Under the threat of death: The April 7 election was a tragic day for Wisconsin
  57. The American Parasite: Coronavirus crisis highlights the dysfunction by design of Red States
  58. Shipwrecked by the Coronavirus: How social isolation can produce a spiritual transformation
  59. Federal effort to cutback SNAP benefits is latest punishment of low income people for being poor
  60. The insistence to prematurely “Open America” is a slap in the face to healthcare workers
  61. West Allis shop triggers firestorm of online outrage with xenophobic social media post aimed at Latinos
  62. Wisconsin targeted as latest “Domino State” where Trump is fomenting a domestic rebellion
  63. Criminal liability over COVID-19: Will Americans hold Trump accountable for creating mortal danger?
  64. Milwaukee startup Washbnb launches wash-and-fold laundry service for those at risk during pandemic
  65. Wisconsin’s “Safer at Home” order extended one month until May 26 with some easing of restrictions
  66. “Safer at Home” is working: Wisconsinites are making a difference and beginning to flatten the curve
  67. Milwaukee County’s criminal justice leadership collaborates on response to public health emergency
  68. COVID-19 will kill thousands of prisoners, turning mass incarceration into mass murder
  69. A shutdown of U.S. Postal Services threatens November elections and ability to vote-by-mail
  70. “Key to Change” donations critical for Milwaukee’s homeless population amid COVID-19 crisis
  71. Uncertainty remains after Wisconsin’s imperfect COVID-19 relief legislation signed into law
  72. Understanding the long-term trauma on doctors making life-and-death choices for COVID-19 patients
  73. A shortage of everything: Wisconsin is racing to roll out more COVID-19 Tests
  74. Lack of international cooperation to fight COVID-19 risks repeating mistakes of the Great Depression
  75. Searching for a Scapegoat: Attack on World Health Organization jeopardizes more American lives
  76. Second Life Revisited: Using a virtual world to escape the isolation of social distancing
  77. Governor Tony Evers indicates it could be another month before “Safer at Home” orders are lifted
  78. Wisconsin State Assembly approves bill lacking help for many economic problems caused by pandemic
  79. Milwaukee County could see $165M of funding from the Federal coronavirus stimulus package
  80. Bailouts and eviction freezes will not be enough to stop the oncoming pandemic-triggered housing crisis
  81. Foxconn’s promise for ventilator production is unbelievable in view of still empty Wisconsin offices
  82. Exploiting a crisis: The travesty of Wisconsin’s election is a harbinger for the nation in November
  83. Voter suppression by Republicans may have backfired as Jill Karofsky wins Wisconsin Supreme Court seat
  84. David Crowley claims victory to become first African American elected as Milwaukee County Executive
  85. Wisconsin residents file Federal lawsuit over dangers and disorder during controversial April 7 election
  86. ACLU seeks release of vulnerable people from Wisconsin prisons amid coronavirus health crisis
  87. Trump campaign sues Wisconsin TV station for broadcasting ad critical of his COVID-19 rhetoric
  88. Wisconsin lawmakers float partisan extortion scheme by holding COVID-19 relief funds hostage
  89. State lawmaker calls for removal of Speaker Robin Vos as NCSL president after pandemic election disaster
  90. Slowing the Spread: Social distancing is working even as coronavirus case counts continue increasing
  91. Ideological Blinders: Capitalism has failed in fighting coronavirus
  92. Around the Condo: TV host John McGivern adapts social distancing to his popular community show
  93. Six feet of separation: Mixed messages fuel the debate over mandatory wearing of masks
  94. Seeking God in times of pain: A collection of Interfaith prayers for enduring the COVID-19 struggle
  95. Athletic Idolatry: A world without sports deprives America of its religion
  96. Essential Labor: America’s food supply depends on the foreign-born workers marginalized by Trump
  97. A Flawed Medical System: COVID-19 victimizes the uninsured across Wisconsin
  98. Reggie Jackson: Using a pandemic is just the latest weapon to disenfranchise voters in Wisconsin
  99. Wisconsin DNR closes state parks indefinitely due to overcrowding and vandalism during pandemic
  100. The food supply chain is still healthy, so please stop panic shopping during the coronavirus outbreak
  101. Help Thy Neighbor: How Wisconsinites can ensure their community gets through the pandemic
  102. COVID-19 Infographic: A virus that has shaken the foundations of our world
  103. The Ballot or the Bullet: Honoring each resident of Milwaukee who faced martyrdom for Democracy
  104. Interfaith leaders push back on effort by state legislators to lift “Safer At Home” order for holy days
  105. Main Street Over Wall Street: Community leaders and displaced workers call on Congress to help people
  106. Vote by Mail Fail: Substantial number of Wisconsin absentee ballots were never delivered
  107. Marquette poll finds strong public support for local COVID-19 restrictions in spite of economic impact
  108. Coronavirus chaos on historic election day creates challenges for Milwaukee voters
  109. Passenger overcrowding forces MCTS to limit 10 riders per bus for health safety beginning April 9
  110. “Moment at the Museum” video series provides online tour of historic exhibit for Milwaukee public
  111. Sofa Cinema: Milwaukee Film launches virtual movie portal for home theaters
  112. Milwaukee Rep brings its creative performances and activities “From Our Home to Your Home”
  113. Democracy or Death: State GOP forces a smash-and-grab election with in-person voting during a pandemic
  114. Entitlement to Govern: How the fog of pandemic offers one more chance for a power grab
  115. Institutional Betrayal: The lasting trauma from playing down the threat of COVID-19 and failing to act
  116. Officials ask Milwaukee consumers to report fraudulent claims related to coronavirus crisis
  117. President Thanos: Trump’s genocidal intentions were foreshadowed in his re-election campaign video
  118. Citizen solders and airmen from Wisconsin National Guard assist with state’s COVID-19 response
  119. State National Guard units are taking the lead in the military’s response to the coronavirus
  120. Unfounded conspiracy theories force Wisconsin National Guard to debunk enforcement rumors
  121. U.S. Navy fires captain of aircraft carrier who sought help for his sailors stricken with COVID-19
  122. News outlets warned for months about the coronavirus but few listened
  123. Life goes on even when it doesn’t: Streaming a funeral “watch party” in the age of coronavirus
  124. Fear of The Walking Dumb: The health of our nation is being decimated by willful ignorance
  125. By The Numbers: Tracking the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic sweeping across Wisconsin
  126. Politics over Humanity: Wisconsin GOP seeks to rig latest election through attrition of urban voters
  127. Milwaukee leaders explore using Wisconsin State Fair grounds as overflow facility for COVID-19 patients
  128. Milwaukee COVID-19 survivor shares personal medical experience via social media to educate others
  129. Regional banks and city leadership plan cooperative efforts to address Milwaukee’s economic challenges
  130. Governor Tony Evers calls for special session to delay primary but Lawmakers insist election proceed
  131. Milwaukee faces poll worker shortage for April 7 election amid pandemic complications
  132. Protecting the Democracy: How to ensure safe elections amid the coronavirus pandemic
  133. Reggie Jackson: The next challenge of the COVID-19 fight in Milwaukee
  134. Already a community infected by racial hate, Anti-Asian sentiment hits Milwaukee along with COVID-19
  135. Building Community Bridges to Improve Health Equity in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond
  136. GoFundMe campaign raises funds to buy meals for frontline hospital workers from local restaurants
  137. A crisis within a crisis: COVID-19 disproportionally impacts Milwaukee’s black neighborhoods
  138. Public health concerns push Milwaukee’s 2020 Democratic National Convention to August
  139. Reggie Jackson: Critical lessons we need to learn about COVID-19 from China and Italy
  140. Sorry, some of you have to die: A Conservative Christian plan to save the economy
  141. A wake-up call for humanity: The coronavirus pandemic exposes long ignored failures of our society
  142. Fear of demographic change has increased White Nationalist hate groups 55% in Trump era
  143. State Propaganda: Chinese media outlets hit with stricter rules while Fox churns out disinformation
  144. First week of staying at home: A window of images around Milwaukee for everyone stuck behind walls
  145. A Social Recession: The profound physical and psychological effects from long-term isolation
  146. An ego dripping in blood: Trump’s lies are killing Americans
  147. Obligations to each other: The pursuit of happiness is tied to the collective good
  148. Coronavirus and the Rule of Law: Courts struggle to preserve justice amid catastrophic conditions
  1. Milwaukee’s Holy Week observances canceled as public celebrations convert to at home video streaming
  2. Faith is not a Place: Church is a living body of people who gather in empathy, mercy, love, and justice
  3. St. Francis Seminary to provide shelter for residents with housing instability during COVID-19 crisis
  4. Millions of low-wage workers remain vulnerable to coronavirus due to lack of paid sick leave
  5. Milwaukee Hope: A hometown meme series designed to inspire optimism during the coronavirus crisis
  6. Dear America: I know how scared you are, I’m scared too
  7. Heroes of Hope: How to find healing and happiness when life is surrounded by havoc
  8. A Political Plan B: DNC organizers prepare contingency options for Milwaukee’s July Convention
  9. Coronavirus pours cold water on Olympic flame as Tokyo Games get postponed to 2021
  10. Milwaukee rolls out “drive-up” option for early voting to eliminate risk of COVID-19 exposure
  11. Hey, Milwaukee, you are not on vacation. Take the stay-at-home order seriously
  12. COVID-19 social media campaign launches in Milwaukee with best practices for staying healthy
  13. Coalition of Milwaukee philanthropies partner to coordinate local resources in response to COVID-19
  14. Fleeing the Coronavirus: The dangers for individuals and everyone they encounter along the journey
  15. Milwaukee County seeks donations of Personal Protective Equipment for COVID-19 frontline workers
  16. Medical gear from postponed charitable clinic to distributed first responders statewide
  17. The Great Apprehension: How to help kids relax as the pandemic upends everyday life
  18. The Myth of Youth: How children can be infected with coronavirus and transmit it to others
  19. Jonathan Brostoff: On COVID-19 and Wisconsin’s future “After the Storm”
  20. Reggie Jackson: The impact of racism is the “Other Coronavirus Crisis” for People of Color
  21. How to have a healthy conversation about the coronavirus with someone who is misinformed
  22. Mass transit in a time of need: MCTS to suspend fare collection for bus rides from March 28
  23. Fighting the Coronavirus: Why the U.S. military should deploy as a humanitarian aid force
  24. The Inconvenience of COVID-19: Understanding the shared national sacrifice for a greater good
  25. Kevin Abing: Milwaukee mobilized every resource possible in 1918 to combat the Spanish Flu epidemic
  26. Greatest Pandemic in History: Common misconceptions about the global influenza of 1918
  27. Month-long “Safer at Home” order urges Wisconsin residents to make sacrifices and work together
  28. Masks and the Microbe Menace: A misperception that safety measures shield risky activities from danger
  29. Not a Lockdown: Milwaukee implements “Stay At Home” directive in order to save lives
  30. Safer At Home: Wisconsin orders statewide closure of non-essential businesses to contain COVID-19
  31. Frontline nurses treating coronavirus victims condemn Trump’s racist rhetoric and cruelty
  32. PrideFest 2020 postponement due to COVID-19 foreshadows disruption of summer festival season
  33. Stop Touching Your Face: Changes to habitual behaviors can minimize the spread of COVID-19
  34. Reggie Jackson: The COVID-19 pandemic lays bare the absolute moral corruption of our society
  35. Health Official condemns Senator Ron Johnson’s false equivalency between traffic accidents and COVID-19
  36. The disappointment that comes when a pandemic cancels the freedom to party
  37. Vulnerable Populations: Infection rates and mortality from COVID-19 expected to hit the homeless hard
  38. Connecting without the human touch: How to cope with the side effects of social distancing
  39. Flattening the Curve: How to slow fear from spreading faster than COVID-19
  40. Sorry, We’re Closed: The signs and sights of solitude as Milwaukee digs in to fight COVID-19
  41. Being Positive during a Pandemic: 5 tips for getting through the coronavirus as a better person
  42. COVID-19 Mutual Aid: Confronting coronavirus conditions with community instead of consternation
  43. One of Wisconsin’s first two COVID-19 Deaths confirmed in Ozaukee County
  44. Price of our Pandemic: The bill for MAGA has come due and it is time to pay up
  45. The same people who believed COVID-19 was a hoax should now buy the homeopathic cure forsythia
  46. When plagues followed bad leadership: Greek tragedy of Oedipus Tyrannos is a lesson for Trump on COVID-19
  47. Wisconsin residents reminded to take precautions against COVID-19 scams and price gouging
  48. MCTS encourages riders to limit non-essential bus travel to help prevent spread of COVID-19
  49. The supply and demand of COVID-19: Predicted infection rates would overwhelm Milwaukee hospitals
  50. Wisconsin passengers under coronavirus quarantine aboard Grand Princess cruise ship return home safely
  51. Milwaukee Municipalities issue emergency orders closing bars and restaurants to protect public health
  52. Governor Tony Evers signs statewide order prohibiting mass gatherings of more than 50 People
  53. Teaching amid Coronavirus: What to expect from educational institutions as classes move online
  54. Wisconsin mandates closure of all K-12 Schools until early April to prevent spreading of COVID-19
  55. Closure of school cafeterias due to coronavirus puts poorest children at risk of missing nutritious meals
  56. Stop hoarding the Charmin: Why people are panic buying toilet paper when there is an abundant supply
  57. The social burden of Consumerism: Shopping carts are not overflowing with compassion
  58. Social Distancing: Think of it as “Elbow Room” for your health in the age of contagious pathogens
  59. City’s Health Department urges Milwaukee residents to avoid non-essential travel
  60. Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office outlines COVID-19 protocols for protecting individuals in custody
  61. Coronavirus Hits Home: Milwaukee confirms first case of COVID-19 within the city
  62. Impact of COVID-19 sinks in for Milwaukee Bucks fans after NBA suspends remainder of season
  63. Governor Tony Evers declares public health emergency for Wisconsin in response to COVID-19
  64. A cauldron for infectious disease: Spread of COVID-19 inevitable in overcrowded ICE detention centers
  65. From SARS to Avian Influenza: A witness to history reflects on the first epidemics of the 21st-century
  66. Public health officials face challenges in distinguishing COVID-19 from seasonal influenza
  67. Plain old soap and water: Why hand-washing is still the best way to prevent illness
  68. Coronavirus Update: Milwaukee outlines preparations and precautions for dealing with COVID-19

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Q: What is a coronavirus?
A: It is a novel virus named for the crownlike spikes that protrude from its surface. The coronavirus can infect both animals and people and can cause a range of respiratory illnesses from the common cold to lung lesions and pneumonia.

Q: How contagious is the virus?
A: It seems to spread very easily from person to person, especially in homes, hospitals and other confined spaces. The pathogen can travel through the air, enveloped in tiny respiratory droplets that are produced when a sick person breathes, talks, coughs or sneezes.

Q: Where has the virus spread?
A: The virus, which originated in Wuhan, China, has sickened more than 170,400 in at least 140 countries and more than 6,600 have died. The spread has slowed in China but is gaining speed in Europe and the United States. World Health Organization officials said the outbreak qualifies as a pandemic.

Q: What symptoms should I look out for?
A: Symptoms, which can take between two to 14 days to appear, include fever, a dry cough, fatigue and difficulty breathing or shortness of breath. Milder cases may resemble the flu or a bad cold, but people may be able to pass on the virus even before they develop symptoms.

Q: How do I keep myself and others safe?
A: Washing your hands frequently is the most important thing you can do, along with staying at home when you’re sick and avoiding touching your face.

Q: How can I prepare for an outbreak?
A: Keep a 30-day supply of essential medicines. Get a flu shot. Have essential household items on hand. Have a support system in place for elderly family members.

Q: What if I’m traveling?
A: The State Department has issued a global Level 3 health advisory telling United States citizens to “reconsider travel” to all countries because of the worldwide effects of the coronavirus. This is the department’s second-highest advisory.

Q: How long will it take to develop a treatment or vaccine?
A: Several drugs are being tested, and some initial findings are expected soon. A vaccine to stop the spread is still at least a year away.

Social Media Posts Spread Bogus Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory
January 24, 2020
Multiple social media posts are spreading a bogus conspiracy theory about the deadly Wuhan virus. The posts falsely claim that the virus has been patented and a vaccine is already available. That’s not true; the patents the posts refer to pertain to different viruses.

Coronavirus Misinformation Spreads Like a Virus
January 31, 2020
China first reported a new strain of viral pneumonia in the city of Wuhan on Dec. 31, and, within a month, the internet was infected with misinformation about the illness, now called the 2019 novel coronavirus.

FactChecking Trump’s Coronavirus Press Conference
February 27, 2020
Facing a declining stock market and criticism from Democrats, President Donald Trump and other officials have minimized the risks of the coronavirus to the U.S. and given inaccurate and misleading information about the new virus.

Trump and the ‘New Hoax’
March 3, 2020
President Donald Trump accused the Democrats of “politicizing” the new coronavirus, calling it “their new hoax.” Even after Trump explained his remarks, some Democrats — including Mike Bloomberg — continued to wrongly accuse Trump of describing the coronavirus as a “hoax.”

Trump and the Coronavirus Death Rate
March 5, 2020
The World Health Organization says that 3.4% of reported COVID-19 patients worldwide have died – a global fatality figure that President Donald Trump dismissed as “a false number.” It’s not a false number, although experts say Trump has a point that the fatality rate may ultimately be quite a bit less than 3.4%.

Trump’s Misplaced Blame on Obama for Coronavirus Tests
March 6, 2020
Amid criticism over his administration’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, President Donald Trump falsely claimed that he had to overcome an Obama-era Food and Drug Administration “rule” to more quickly provide diagnostic tests to the American people. Experts, however, told us no such formal regulation was ever implemented under the previous administration.

FactChecking Trump’s Coronavirus Address
March 12, 2020
In a short primetime address, President Donald Trump provided false, misleading and incomplete information about the new coronavirus and actions his administration has taken or will take to staunch its spread.

Trump’s H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic Spin
March 13, 2020
In tweets and other appearances, President Donald Trump has repeatedly compared his response to the new coronavirus with President Barack Obama’s handling of the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic. But Trump’s information is frequently incorrect or misleading — and the two viruses are very different.

Trump’s H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic Spin
March 13, 2020
In tweets and other appearances, President Donald Trump has repeatedly compared his response to the new coronavirus with President Barack Obama’s handling of the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic. But Trump’s information is frequently incorrect or misleading — and the two viruses are very different.

Trump Misrepresents Google Coronavirus Website
March 16, 2020
President Donald Trump and other officials misleadingly suggested that tech behemoth Google was working on a screening website that large numbers of Americans could use to see if they should be tested for the new coronavirus. The website, however, is actually a project of Google’s sister company Verily and is initially limited to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Trump’s Statements About the Coronavirus
March 18, 2020
President Donald Trump said on March 17, “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.” While it’s not possible to know what Trump “felt,” there’s no doubt that Trump had minimized the threat of the new coronavirus for weeks in statement after statement.

Trump Gets Ahead of Himself on COVID-19 Therapies
March 19, 2020
President Donald Trump left the misleading impression that two drugs were “approved” for use in treating the new coronavirus and were available for “immediate delivery.”

Contrary to Trump’s Claim, A Pandemic Was Widely Expected at Some Point
March 20, 2020
At a White House briefing March 19, President Donald Trump said, “Nobody knew there’d be a pandemic or an epidemic of this proportion.” But that’s simply not the case.

Correcting Trump’s Press Conference Misinformation
March 24, 2020
President Donald Trump has been holding daily press conferences to provide the latest information about the coronavirus from the federal government, but his rhetoric has sometimes been imprecise, misleading or outright incorrect.

Trump’s Suspect Spanish Flu Claims
March 25, 2020
President Donald Trump recently said “close to 100 million people died” from the 1918 Spanish flu, and that “if you got it you had a 50/50 chance, or very close, of dying.” But 100 million is a high-end estimate of global deaths from that influenza pandemic, and we found no evidence the case fatality rate for those who had it was 50%.

Trump’s Premature Claim about Ventilator Production
March 27, 2020
In a March 21 press briefing, President Donald Trump prematurely declared that automakers, including Ford and General Motors, were manufacturing much needed ventilators “right now.”

Trump and the Coronavirus Death Projections
March 30, 2020
In his March 30 appearance on “Fox & Friends,” President Donald Trump suggested an estimate that the novel coronavirus might kill a huge number of Americans was a new revelation.

Trump’s Spin on ‘Broken’ Testing
April 1, 2020
While his administration has faced criticism for being slow to ramp up testing for coronavirus infections, President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that the problem was with his predecessors, saying the administration “inherited a broken system” that it “rebuilt.” That’s misleading.

Trump Falsely Claims He Inherited ‘Empty’ Stockpile
April 3, 2020
More than once, President Donald Trump has falsely claimed that the federal stockpile of emergency medicine and supplies he inherited from his predecessor was an “empty shelf.”

Trump, Pence and Reassessing Coronavirus
April 3, 2020
In a little more than a month, President Donald Trump’s language about the coronavirus has shifted, from talk of 15 cases that “within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero” to warning of as many as 2.2 million deaths in the country if no social distancing efforts were undertaken.

Follow all the updates at

January 8, 2020
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issues an alert advising that it “is closely monitoring a reported cluster of pneumonia of unknown etiology (PUE) with possible epidemiological links to a large wholesale fish and live animal market in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China.”

January 18, 2020
Health secretary Alex Azar calls Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and briefs him on the coronavirus threat, but “Trump spent much of the conversation wanting to talk about vaping.”

January 21, 2020
The United States announces its first confirmed case of COVID-19 in a county just north of Seattle, Washington. The first patient is a man in his 30s who roughly a week before had returned from Wuhan, China – the original epicenter of the novel coronavirus.

January 22, 2020
While attending the Davos conference in Switzerland, Trump makes his first public comment about coronavirus. “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.”

January 27, 2020
Joe Grogan, the head of the White House Domestic Policy Council, tells acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and others in a meeting that the fight against coronavirus would dominate public life for months and “the administration needed to take the virus seriously or it could cost the president his re-election.”

January 28, 2020
After sitting on the story for several days, the editorial board determined that even if the Milwaukee public was not interested about the illness sweeping China it was important information to publish – if not for the health issue then for the impact on Wisconsin’s trade. Milwaukee Independent was the first local news organization to report on what was then called the “Wuhan Virus,” and it would be weeks before other media outlets in the region followed.

January 30, 2020
The World Health Organization declares COVID-19 a global public health emergency after more than 9,000 cases are identified in 19 countries.

January 29, 2020
Economic adviser Peter Navarro warns the National Security Council in a memo that coronavirus could kill half a million Americans and deliver a $5.7tn hit to the economy.

January 30, 2020
As the World Health Organization declares a global health emergency, Azar, the health secretary, again warns Trump about the looming threat. Taking Azar’s call aboard Air Force One en route to a campaign rally, Trump dismisses him as “alarmist.”

January 31, 2020
The White House announces a travel ban for foreign nationals who visited China within the last 14 days.

February 5, 2020
The first case of coronavirus in Wisconsin is confirmed by Dane County. Officials say the individual recently returned from China and went immediately from the airport to UW Hospital, then to isolation at home where they will remain there until testing shows they no longer have coronavirus.

February 8, 2020
The first American citizen dies of coronavirus. The 60-year-old passes away in a hospital in Wuhan, China.

February 19, 2020
Addressing a group of governors, Trump predicts the virus will disappear. “I think it’s going to work out fine. I think when we get into April, in the warmer weather, that has a very negative effect on that and that type of a virus.”

February 21, 2020
Following a mock exercise modeling pandemic response, the White House coronavirus task force concludes that aggressive social distancing would be necessary.

February 23, 2020
“There is an increasing probability of a full-blown COVID-19 pandemic that could infect as many as 100 million Americans, with a loss of life of as many as 1-2 million souls,” Navarro, the economics adviser, writes in a memo.

February 24, 2020
Trump tweets: “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all relevant countries. CDC & World Health have been working hard and very smart. Stock Market starting to look very good to me!”

February 25, 2020
At a news conference in New Delhi, Trump says: “You may ask about the coronavirus, which is very well under control in our country. We have very few people with it, and the people that have it are – in all cases, I have not heard anything other.” Larry Kudlow, the director of the national economics council, says: “We have contained this. I won’t say airtight, but it’s pretty close to airtight.”

February 26, 2020
“The infection seems to have gone down over the last two days,” Trump says at a White House news conference. “We’re going to be pretty soon at only five people. And we could be at just one or two people over the next short period of time.”

February 27, 2020
“It’s going to disappear,” Trump says in a White House briefing. “One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.”

February 28, 2020
The first person from Wisconsin confirmed to have COVID-19 is released from isolation after twice testing negative for the virus.

February 29, 2020
Health officials in Washington state confirm a man in his 50s passed away after contracting COVID-19, the first confirmed death from coronavirus in the United States. Almost six weeks after the first case of coronavirus was confirmed, the Food and Drug Administration allows laboratories and hospitals to conduct their own COVID-19 tests to speed up the process.

March 2, 2020
The Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene at UW-Madison announces it is conducting tests for the COVID-19. Due to restrictions on testing capacity, those being tested must display symptoms of the virus as well as have traveled to its original hotspots of China, Iran, South Korea or Italy within 14 days of when symptoms began or had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case.

March 5, 2020
President Trump signs an $8.3 billion emergency spending package aimed at researching and fighting COVID-19. The package first passes the House on a 415-2 vote and the Senate a day later by a 96-1 margin. All members of the Wisconsin delegation vote in favor of the package. Trump tweets: “Gallup just gave us the highest rating ever for the way we are handling the Coronavirus situation. The April 2009-10 Swine Flu, where nearly 13,000 people died in the U.S., was poorly handled. Ask MSDNC & lightweight Washington failure @RonaldKlain, who the President was then?”

March 6, 2020
“What a problem,” he says. “Came out of nowhere.” The stock market begins to plunge in earnest, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average shedding more than 20% in next two weeks.

March 8, 2020
The Centers of Disease Control confirms the number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. passes 500.

March 9, 2020
DHS confirms a second coronavirus case in Wisconsin. The agency says the person lives in Pierce County and was exposed to COVID-19 while traveling within the United States. Trump tweets: “So last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu. It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. Nothing is shut down, life & the economy go on. At this moment there are 546 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus, with 22 deaths. Think about that!”

March 10, 2020
DHS confirms the state’s third case of COVID-19, the second in Dane County. The agency says the person also contracted the virus while traveling within the U.S.

March 11, 2020
The World Health Organization says COVID-19 “can be characterized as a pandemic.” Trump announces restrictions on a wide swath of travelers from Europe, excluding Ireland and the United Kingdom. DHS officials report the number of cases in Wisconsin doubles from three to six.

March 12, 2020
Governor Tony Evers declares a public health emergency directing DHS to purchase, store and distribute medications as needed, help local health departments with costs related to quarantine and isolation and authorizing the Wisconsin adjutant general to activate the National Guard. DHS Secretary Andrea Palm calls for events with over 250 people to be canceled, but says schools “will remain open.” DHS confirms the state’s seventh and eighth cases of COVID-19.

March 13, 2020
President Trump declares a national state of emergency.Governor Evers calls for schools to close by March 18. In the order directing the closure, The Governor  says he anticipates reopening schools by April 6, but adds that date is subject to change “pending further information.” The state Elections Commission begins publicly urging voters to sign up for absentee ballots. The number of coronavirus cases in the state more than doubles from eight to 19. Trump declares a national emergency over coronavirus. Trump announces a supposed Google site under development to help people across the country find testing, but it is a sham. “We’ve been in discussions with pharmacies and retailers to make drive-through tests available in the critical locations identified by public health professionals,” Trump adds, but a month later only a handful had materialized. Says Trump: “I don’t take responsibility at all.”

March 14, 2020
The House votes 363-40 to approve a second coronavirus package addressing paid leave, Medicaid funding, food assistance and unemployment benefits. Wisconsin’s four House Republicans vote against the package while the state’s three Dems support it.

March 15, 2020
Dane County public health officials shutter schools and ban gatherings of 50 people or more. Hours later, the CDC recommends the same 50-person threshold for gatherings and the White House extends the European travel ban to Ireland and the U.K. DHS confirms 33 positive cases of COVID-19.

March 16, 2020
Governor Evers orders a statewide ban on gatherings of 50 people or more but exempts infrastructure and services such as grocery stores, food pantries, childcare centers, pharmacies and hospitals. The ban allows bars and restaurants to remain open but operate at 50 percent of capacity or a maximum of 50 people, whichever is less. Trump advised Americans to avoid gatherings of 10 or more people. U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore announces she is self-quarantining after coming in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. DHS reports 47 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the state.

March 17, 2020
Governor Evers updates the ban to restrict gatherings of 10 or more people and reverses course on foodservice establishments, ordering bars and restaurants to be closed to in-house patrons by 5 p.m. He also calls on lawmakers to immediately repeal a one-week delay in collecting unemployment benefits. Palm says there is evidence of community spread in Dane, Kenosha and Milwaukee counties, meaning some of those testing positive haven’t had any exposure to a known case or traveled somewhere where someone has tested positive. DHS reports 72 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the state

March 18, 2020
The Democratic National Committee and state Democratic Party file a lawsuit asking a federal judge to push back the deadline for online and mail voter registration until April 3, among other things. Elections officials raise the alarm that the push for voters to sign up for absentee ballots has left local clerks short on envelopes. Elections commissioners deadlock on a proposal to ask Governor  Evers and the Legislature to meet in special session to address election safety but approve funding for more envelopes. Trump signs the second coronavirus package into law after the Senate earlier in the day passes it by a 90-8 margin. U.S. Sens. Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin split on the package, with the Madison Dem voting for it and the Oshkosh Republican opposing it.

March 19, 2020
Governor Evers announces the first two coronavirus-related deaths in the state: a Fond du Lac County man in his 50s and an Ozaukee County man in his 90s. The number of absentee ballot requests for the April 7 election surpasses the previous high-water mark for a spring election. An employee at Waupun Correctional Institution tests positive for COVID-19. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett goes into self-quarantine after coming into contact with someone who tested positive for the coronavirus. DHS reports 155 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the state.

March 20, 2020
DHS confirms the third COVD-19 death in Wisconsin. Governor Tony Evers orders hair salons, day spas, nail salons, barbershops, tattoo parlors, body art establishments and tanning facilities to close by 5 p.m. and issues a moratorium on admission to state prisons. The federal judge overseeing the DNC/DPW lawsuit extends the deadline to March 30 to register electronically to vote in the spring election. Four of the Legislature’s top Republicans say they don’t believe additional restrictions are needed on Wisconsin businesses. DHS reports 206 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the state.

March 21, 2020
DHS reports a fourth coronavirus death in Wisconsin and says there are 281 positive cases in the state. New Jersey issues a stay-at-home order.

March 22, 2020
Governor Tony Evers stops utility disconnections for all customers due to nonpayment and blocks late fees. The state Supreme Court largely postpones jury trials and in-person proceedings statewide. The U.S. Senate fails to clear a key procedural hurdle on a third coronavirus package. The body deadlocks 47-47 with Johnson voting with Senate Republicans in favor of cloture and Baldwin joining Dems in opposition. DHS reports the number of positive COVID-19 cases jumps by 100 to 381.

March 24, 2020
Governor Evers announces a sweeping stay-at-home order that limits personal contact between Wisconsinites but allows essential businesses to remain open over the next month. Mayor Tom Barrett urges Governor Evers and GOP legislative leaders to conduct the upcoming spring election through mail ballots, saying in-person voting is not “feasible or safe for our workers or residents.” DHS says the number of positive cases has jumped to 457.