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Author: YES!

A More Perfect Union: How “We the People” can take back our country

The 2020 election has been the most important of our lifetime, perhaps in the history of our country, and voter turnout reflected that sentiment. Despite the pandemic, hurricanes, wildfires, and voter suppression, people engaged in this sacred rite in record numbers. But beyond these forces, the biggest factor in determining the outcome of the presidential election is the Electoral College. This system has relegated recent elections into an exercise of mathematical gymnastics between two candidates to win a few battleground states. Is that what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they envisioned our democracy? Why did the delegates...

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Staying Together: The next challenge for America is to remain United

So here we are after Election Day and the presidential race again remains undecided. For the left, this feels all too familiar, the ghost pains of 2016 throbbing in the hole where our souls used to be. Outcome aside, the fact that this race is even close is a shocking wake-up call for those of us who believed that, with the scales off their eyes, Americans would choose decency over crude savagery, compassion over cruelty, professionalism over abject incompetence, honesty over absolute corruption. At least this time – and as of this writing, the odds still favor Biden. Trump...

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The gruesome truth of who we are: Half of America willingly voted to keep a monster in power

“I am just grief stricken by how many Americans are OK with racist dog whistling and white supremacy and cutesy nods to white nationalism. Even if 45 is gone, that all stays. This is who we are.” A friend, the White mother of a Black child, posted this on Facebook on election night. That last line floored me: This is who we are. I wanted to write back and disagree with her, to argue that this is not who we are, that I chose this country as my second home not just for the opportunities I saw were possible...

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November is Coming: How people who choose to embrace democracy can stop Trump’s election coup

We have a president who has openly said he might not respect the outcome of our election. We have to be ready if he claims victory before votes are counted, tries to stop counting, or refuses to accept a loss. Some days I feel confident it will happen. A poll showed over 75% of Democrats think this is possible— and a shocking 30% of Republicans do too. Other days I feel confident this is tough talk from a president not good at planning ahead. Still, he is good at the kind of misdirection that can keep us complacent and...

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Sustaining the struggle for Freedom: History has proven that disruptive demonstrations work

All disruptive social movements are met with stern warnings from people who think they know better. The current movement to “Defund the Police” is no exception. Thus an editor of the Detroit Free Press professes sympathy for the protesters’ aims but says their “awful slogan” is “alienating” to the public, including to “White people who feel more reassured than threatened” by the police. Other pundits insist that “activists who are demanding radical change” are paving the way for Trump’s reelection: “Defund the Police” is “music to Trump’s ears” because it baits the Democrats into endorsing this presumably unpopular demand....

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Database of advertisements for fugitive slaves reveals the roots of Black Resistance in America

A fugitive slave ad from just over 200 years ago reads: “Run away from the subscriber in Albemarle, a Mulatto slave called Sandy. His stature is rather low, inclining to corpulence, and his complexion light; he is a shoemaker by trade, in which he uses his left hand principally, can do coarse carpenters work, and is something of a horse jockey… Whoever conveys the said slave to me, in Albemarle, shall have 40 s. Reward.” Placed by future president Thomas Jefferson, the ad in search of the runaway Sandy is one of more than 27,000 collected so far by...

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