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Author: Wisconsin Watch

College students face challenges getting to Wisconsin ballot box

Some of Wisconsin’s rules that made it harder for students to vote were thrown out, but voter ID remains even as campuses provide special cards to comply with the law. There are many barriers that keep college students away from the polls. They include registration and voting requirements that vary from state to state, difficulty with obtaining the proper ID or proving residency, lack of familiarity with local issues and local candidates and uncertainty about how or where to vote — at home or at school. Some laws passed over the previous four years, including in Wisconsin, have created...

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DNR and city leaders push State to help clean lead from Milwaukee’s water supply

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett: Current approach to lead in water is ‘Band-Aid,’ and Wisconsin must do more to protect residents from lead in drinking water. Top Milwaukee and state officials agreed Wednesday that Wisconsin must move as quickly as possible to replace all of the estimated 176,000 lead pipes providing drinking water to homes and business in the state, with Department of Natural Resources Secretary Cathy Stepp declaring, “If it costs a lot of money to do that, then it costs a lot of money to do that.” The DNR estimates it could cost between $3,000 and $5,000 for...

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Wisconsin Voters navigate maze of new voting rules

Lawmakers pass 37 new requirements in 20 states to require IDs and restrict early voting; court challenges leave rules in some states unsettled. After four years away from Wisconsin, Mark Sahba returned to Madison last year. The 59-year-old said he was stunned by the “ton” of new requirements to register and vote in a state where he had been casting ballots without a problem for 40 years. For one thing, Sahba needed a copy of his birth certificate, which was issued in New York, so he could get a driver’s license so he could present it at his polling...

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