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A Contagious Disease: Children of veterans are often secondary victims of wartime PTSD

There are an estimated 4 million military-connected children in the United States. With the longest war in American history finally over, these kids have been affected by war like no previous generation, especially in families where the veteran has PTSD. The Veterans Administration reported that 21 percent of post-9/11 troops who sought help at the VA from 2004 to 2009 had PTSD, 2 percent had traumatic brain injury and 5 percent had both. Now that these veterans are home, their lives – and the lives of their families – are forever changed as young children face the stress of...

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Nation’s capital braces for “Unite the Right 2” rally by White Supremacists

A year after the deadly car-ramming in Charlottesville, Virginia, white supremacists plan ‘Unite the Right 2’ in DC. A 2010 silver Dodge Charger thundered down Charlottesville’s Fourth Street Southeast on the afternoon of August 12, 2017. The driver of the car accelerated and barreled into a crowd of pedestrians. Bodies flew. Bystanders screamed. Some fled, but others rushed the coupe, striking it with flagpoles as the driver threw it into reverse and retreated. Constance Young, an organiser with the Shut It Down DC activist group, had travelled to Charlottesville with an interfaith group. “I heard the car attack first,...

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The dangerous game Trump plays with Jerusalem

If Trump goes through with the move, the US will become the first country to have its embassy in Jerusalem. Ever since the US government recognised Israel in 1948, no one has ever doubted where Washington stood in terms of the conflict between Israel and the Arabs. But while the US has always been pro-Israel, it tried, at least in theory, to adhere to international law and the worldwide consensus while dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is true that the US has often vetoed many actionable resolutions on the question of Palestine, but its position has always been...

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