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Happy Days: Milwaukee-base sitcom’s opening theme named most memorable on TV

Netflix, Amazon, and modern streaming services may have cleaned up at the Emmy Awards, but there’s one area where viewers seem to prefer the classics: theme songs. A new survey conducted by audio branding specialist PHMG revealed that 21% of voters named Happy Days as America’s most memorable TV theme. The show ran from 1974 to 1984 on ABC, finishing up after 11 seasons with a total of 255 episodes. It was followed by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (14%), while Cheers, Gilligan’s Island and Friends were tied for third (8%). The survey was conducted among 1,000 US consumers....

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Riders remain loyal to Harley-Davidson brand but are conflicted over political turmoil

The line of motorcycles at the entrance to Harley-Davidson, Inc.’s 115th anniversary celebration at Milwaukee’s Veterans Park is at least a dozen deep. Riders of all ages grin and rev their engines at the sight of a radio microphone. A man with an impressive gray handlebar mustache flashes a grin and a blonde 20-something woman gives a thumbs up. The mood of the party is joyful. The riders have come from all over the world to celebrate a company that has given them what many say is more than a hobby — it’s a way of life. “The motorcycle,...

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John Norquist: Milwaukee’s Streetcar embodies shifting fortunes of freeways and transit

In 1945, at the end of WW II, Milwaukee had 350 miles of streetcar lines and 198 miles of interurban electric trains that served Burlington, East Troy, Waukesha and Sheboygan. In addition passenger trains connected to Madison, Green Bay, Chicago and beyond. There were over 80 round trips to Chicago provided by the Milwaukee Road, the Northwestern RR and the electric North Shore Line. In addition there were 110 miles of electric bus lines run by the Milwaukee Transit Lines. All of this service was privately-owned and paid substantial state and local taxes. In the post-war era, the US...

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Search committee members evaluate Milwaukee for 2020 Democratic National Convention

As Milwaukee competes with Houston and Miami in bids to host the 2020 Democratic National Convention, the city’s ability to accommodate roughly 50,000 attendees will be examined by the search committee this week. Nearly all of the members of the DNC’s search committee for the 2020 convention are doing a site visit in Milwaukee this week where they’ll explore the city, its venues and meet with both community and business leaders. Wisconsin’s “purple state” status is also a factor, according to the head of the search committee. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett joined search committee members Tuesday at the new...

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Voucher holders find landlords limit choices of where they can live

Amid severe shortages in affordable housing, receiving a voucher after years of waiting can feel like literally winning the lottery for a low-income family. But that’s just the first step in a long and arduous process for families in search of a decent place to live. Families who receive a voucher then have to find an apartment that meets the program’s requirements and a landlord willing to rent to them. That means sifting through countless apartment advertisements, making numerous calls, and dealing with a chorus of “Nos” when they ask if landlords accept housing vouchers. In a new Urban...

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The Great Lakes Compact faces growing challenges to hold up against a thirsty world

On the rocky beach at Little Girls Point County Park in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the heavy wash of Lake Superior seeking the shore rolls stones the size of softballs back and forth in the surf. The power and immensity of the lake seems immutable. If there is anything in nature that will withstand the passing of time, this inland ocean would seem a likely candidate. Peter Annin knows better. The author of The Great Lakes Water Wars, which examines the fight to protect the lakes from an encroaching and increasingly water-starved world, has stood in the dry ocean bed...

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