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Combatting confusion: College students push to make voting access easier after facing midterm barriers

Young voters made their voices heard during the recent midterms, turning out in relatively high numbers in an election that produced the first congressperson from Generation Z. But university students and voting rights advocates say voters on college campuses faced far too many difficulties trying to cast their ballots. Across the country, voting rights groups and collegiate get-out-the-vote organizers documented many cases of college students who struggled to decipher confusing voter ID requirements, waited in hours-long lines at polling places or never received their absentee ballots. In some cases, college voters were even denied federally protected provisional ballots. While...

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Mariupol’s Holodomor Memorial destroyed by occupation troops to further erase Ukrainian history

Russian occupiers of Mariupol dismantled the Monument to the Victims of Holodomor in late October, the Famine of 1932-33 created by dictator Joseph Stalin that claimed the lives of millions of Ukrainians. The current Russian regime has asserted “desecration” every time it imagined a lack of respect in former Soviet satellite states to various WWII memorials or graves. Yet it has systematically trampled on the memory of Ukrainians who were starved to death in a crime recognized around the world as an act of genocide. Petro Andriushchenko, Adviser to the Mayor of Mariupol in Donetsk Oblast, commented on social...

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Online language tools: A personal journey to learn Ukrainian after Russia’s second invasion began

I began to learn Ukrainian in the early spring of 2022, shortly after the start of Russia’s second invasion of Ukraine. For me, languages are an important way of making sense of the world and creating connections. At that time, more than anything, I wanted to feel connected to my Ukrainian friends and colleagues. I also wanted to work or volunteer to support Ukrainians, and I knew that having some knowledge of Ukrainian would be helpful. I wanted to share the resources that I found helpful in my language learning journey. Perhaps other learners will find them useful. This...

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The stigma of treatment: Why refugees dealing with trauma often face obstacles to mental health care

As a young boy living in what was then Zaire, Bertine Bahige remembers watching refugees flee from the Rwandan genocide in 1994 by crossing a river that forms the two Central African nations’ border. Bahige’s harrowing refugee journey began when he was kidnapped and forced to become a child soldier when war broke out in his country, which became the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1997. He escaped at age 15 to a Mozambique refugee camp, where he lived for five years until he arrived in Baltimore in 2004 through a refugee resettlement program. Bahige, now 42, said the way...

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Abortion Care: Clinics in neighboring states team up to offer reproductive health services to Wisconsinites

Around two days a week, Natalee Hartwig leaves her home in Madison, Wisconsin, before her son wakes up to travel across the border into Illinois. “Luckily it’s summer,” said Hartwig, a nurse midwife at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. “For now, he can sleep in. But any getting ready that has to happen will be on my spouse.” She drives at least two hours each way, immersed in audiobooks and podcasts as she heads back and forth from a clinic in this northern Illinois suburb. She spends her days in the recovery room, caring for patients who have had abortions...

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Climate-resilient public transit will be crucial to ensuring mobility for vulnerable communities

Last September, New York City was so thoroughly inundated by Hurricane Ida that some commuters waded through water up to their waists just to get in and out of the subway station. Across the country, extreme heat battered the West Coast, melting Portland’s streetcar power cables. This summer has seen similar headlines, with heatwaves warping the BART train tracks in San Francisco and sudden rainfall interrupting Northeastern commutes. These extreme weather events, which are increasing in severity and frequency due to climate change, pose a problem to the millions of Americans who rely on public transit to get to...

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