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Author: Steven Teague

A Church Disunited: Wesleyan movement faces schism after public vote on political view of faith

I have read, watched, and listened to responses to the recent decisions of the United Methodist Church, at their global meeting in St. Louis. A friend and colleague, the Rev. Dr. Frederick Schmidt, said it well: “Protestantism is made for schism and our tradition of national conferences or conventions has become a thin veil for the political maneuvering and animosity that is rife in the public square.” Rev. Schmidt is right on. In my years of ordained ministry, I have been part of church bodies that splinter and divide by votes and political maneuvering. It is sad. Dear UMC...

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A Dream Beyond February: Overcoming our tribal nature to build a diverse church and a real community

I am a confessing white, privileged priest with more blindspots in my ego than I like to admit. I am grateful for a month each year – February – when people of different races and religions meet together for programs, speeches, dinners, and worship services. For a month we specifically focus on, learn about, and honor accomplishments of our citizens of African origin and heritage that have gone unrecognized, particularly by people like me. Years ago I directed a program for churches on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. The area was deeply segregated by race, class, and income....

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