Author: Richie Burke

The GoGedders Podcast: Cristian Vega

Screaming Tuna Owner Cristian Vega stops by the podcast to talk about the roller coaster to get Screaming Tuna off the ground, his blowing up DJ career, his mustache and the booming neighborhood of Walkers Point.

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The GoGedders Podcast: Chris Stegman

Chris Stegman joins us to discuss his transition to becoming President of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the future of tangible media in a digital world and how JS plans to stay competitive, and his views on the city of Milwaukee.

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The GoGedders Podcast: Tschacher and Restrepo

Milwaukee Echelon, a young professional chapter of the Salvation Army is making a big impact in the Milwaukee community through events like: Slide the City, Dinner in the Alley, Bell Ringing and more. Two of their members, Brandon and Ximena stop by the show.

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