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The new Acorn Way: Street that honored KKK leader finally renamed after students press for change

A street that honored a leader of the Ku Klux Klan in New York has a new name after a yearslong campaign led by high school students. The village board of Malverne, on Long Island, voted last year to rename Lindner Place, named after Paul Lindner, a banker who helped develop the village more than a century ago and also served as great titan of the New York State Klan. The change became official last week when Lindner Place became Acorn Way. “The true meaning of justice is righting the wrongs that came before you,” Malverne High School sophomore...

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Environment. Social. Governance: Why ESG investing is the new political boogeyman hated by Conservatives

After sweeping through battles in statehouses across the country, the war against ESG investing is heating up in Congress. The Senate voted on March 1 to overturn a Labor Department rule allowing retirement plans to consider environmental, social and governance factors when making investment decisions, following a similar vote by House Republicans on previous day. It set the stage for a potential first veto by President Joe Biden. Critics say ESG investments allocate money based on political agendas, such as a drive against climate change, rather than on earning the best returns for savers. They say ESG is just...

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Chronic trend of mass shootings in America linked to spike in right-wing extremism over past decade

The number of U.S. mass killings linked to extremism over the past decade was at least three times higher than the total from any other 10-year period since the 1970s, according to a report by the Anti-Defamation League. The report also found that all extremist killings identified in 2022 were linked to right-wing extremism, with an especially high number linked to white supremacy. They include a racist mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, that left 10 Black shoppers dead and a mass shooting that killed five people at an LGBT nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado. “It...

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Airport security across United States intercepted an alarming number of passenger guns in 2022

The woman flying out of Philadelphia’s airport last year remembered to pack snacks, prescription medicine and a cellphone in her handbag. But what was more important was what she forgot to unpack: a loaded .380-caliber handgun in a black holster. The weapon was one of the 6,542 guns the Transportation Security Administration intercepted last year at airport checkpoints across the country. The number, roughly 18 per day, was an all-time high for guns intercepted at U.S. airports, and is sparking concern at a time when more Americans are armed. “What we see in our checkpoints really reflects what we’re...

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Courtrooms thrown into turmoil after Supreme Court upends gun laws over Second Amendment

A landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision on the Second Amendment is upending gun laws across the country, dividing judges and sowing confusion over what firearm restrictions can remain on the books. The high court’s ruling that set new standards for evaluating gun laws left open many questions, experts say, resulting in an increasing number of conflicting decisions as lower court judges struggle to figure out how to apply it. The Supreme Court’s so-called Bruen decision changed the test that lower courts had long used for evaluating challenges to firearm restrictions. Judges should no longer consider whether the law serves...

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Protracted legal battle begins with lawsuits that target state restrictions on access to abortion pills

Supporters of abortion rights filed separate lawsuits Wednesday challenging two states’ abortion pill restrictions, the opening salvo in what is expected to be a protracted legal battle over access to the medications. The lawsuits argue that limits on the drugs in North Carolina and West Virginia run afoul of the federal authority of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which has approved the abortion pill as a safe and effective method for ending pregnancy. The cases were brought by a North Carolina physician who prescribes the pill, mifepristone, and GenBioPro, which makes a generic version of the drug and...

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