Author: Pat A. Robinson

The bond of brothers and their simple dream

“About nine years ago, I came across two brothers, and have since used pictures to tell their story. The Stan and Ira Roberson Photo Project documents their amazing personal journey, about how living with adversity and hardship can offer lessons in unselfishness, commitment, and love.” – Pat A. Robinson, photojournalist Ira and Stan Roberson are two brothers who have rarely been separated over a lifetime of various challenges. It is hard for most people to imagine being a caregiver, or making a commitment to a sibling. Yet Stan has dedicated decades, sacrificing his own social life and personal time,...

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Prince in 1981 as seen by legendary Milwaukee photographer

Photojournalist Pat A. Robinson shares his images from the Prince concert he was able to attend in 1981, and what the experience was like to take pictures of the revolutionary singer, songwriter and music genius. He went by several different names during his illustrious career, one that even had no pronunciation. But he will always be remembered as Prince. These photographs are my tribute to the multi-talented artist and what he represented, who passed away on April 21, 2016. In 1981, I was a U.S. Navy photographer onboard the USS Nimitz, the first nuclear-powered supercarrier in the American fleet....

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