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Author: Jonathan Brostoff

Under the threat of death: The April 7 election was a tragic day for Wisconsin

April 7th, 2020 marked a tragic day for Wisconsin. In an affront to expert opinions, the medical establishment, and the health of hard-working Wisconsinites, Wisconsin Republicans, led by Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald, fought tooth and nail to hold an in person election during a global pandemic. This is the logical extension and newest low in their racist war for voter suppression. On the morning of Election Day, while COVID-19 infection rates continued to soar across our state and country, we were confronted by the image of Robin Vos telling us it was “incredibly safe to go out” while...

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Jonathan Brostoff: On COVID-19 and Wisconsin’s future “After the Storm”

There’s no way around it. COVID-19 is one of the single worst disasters our state, country, or world have ever faced. But at the same time, it gives us an important window into how we can improve our systems moving forward. Undoubtedly, the coming weeks will present challenges – some known, some unforeseen – and it will also give us a chance as a community to come together, step up to the challenge, and seize the unique opportunities to make our lives and our future better. We may be in for a long haul, but we will undoubtedly make...

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How lacking gun access helps avoid becoming a statistic when faced with the darkness of suicide

Let’s talk honestly about suicide, more than 50% are committed with guns. As a teen I could have been one of those statistics. Earlier this year, I was informed I would be named to the Task Force on Suicide Prevention. Legislators often are assigned to task forces based on their interest. This was the case for me back in my first term as a legislator, when I served on the Task Force on Alzheimer’s and Dementia. But suicide prevention? This assignment meant much more to me on a very personal level. Many people know I am an extremely passionate...

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Jonathan Brostoff: We’re all in this together

Fore·shad·ow: verb, be a warning or indication of (a future event). Early in the evening of August 30, I was talking with different community leaders about how preventative versus punitive measures are needed right now more than ever around Sherman Park. Later that night during my efforts to de-escalate the situation around the Sherman Park neighborhood, I was thrown to the ground and arrested by the Milwaukee Police Department. For weeks now, I’ve been working with a number of neighborhood leaders, community members, elected officials, and faith leaders in an effort to de-escalate and redirect the energy there in...

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Mexican Consulate cuts ribbon to start Milwaukee service

State Representative Jonathan Brostoff welcomed the Mexican Consulate to the 19th Assembly District on August 30, and emphasized the importance of access to the services the Consulate provides. The Mexican Consulate in Milwaukee will provide a much-needed service to our community offering legal advice, passports, consular IDs, and voter registration cards. They hope in the future to also provide community outreach, health care advice, education resources, financial programing, and more. The Consulate can serve up to 150 people each day and will also run a monthly mobile service to other selected cities in Wisconsin. “The increasing diversity in Milwaukee,...

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Op Ed: Same Work is Worth Same Wage

April 12 was Equal Pay Day, a day to reflect on the appalling fact that in Wisconsin women earn 79 cents for each dollar men earn when working the same job. Equal Pay Day, always a Tuesday in April, symbolizes at what point in the year a woman’s earnings equal that of her male counterpart’s annual wage of the previous year. The pay gap between women and men has been shown to be a constant issue regardless of the educational level of the workers. Since the initiation of the Fair Pay Act of 1963, there has been a continual...

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