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Author: John Pavlovitz

Annual campaign against fictitious “War in Christmas” highlights Evangelical hypocrisy

American Evangelical’s annual campaign against the supposed “War in Christmas” began early this year, with the President promising the perpetually oppressed faithful that we would once again be a nation that says “Merry Christmas.” “Praise the Lord,” shouted the ever-victimized choir. Yes, it certainly has been a long time since those happy golden days of yore, hasn’t it? Gone, the President assured them, will be the national scourge of “Happy Holidays” in all its pluralistic, inclusive sickness. After nine years of unmatched persecution, American Christians will once again be free to cram their religious beliefs down people’s throats; to...

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Ignorance is not a compelling justification for enabling racist behavior

Please Stop Giving Trump Supporters a Stupidity Pass. A friend recently offered a theory that I hear all too often from seemingly reasonable adults right now: Trump supporters are somehow victims of the partisan media/Religious Right Church alternate reality that they’ve been raised in and are still captives of. They’re surrounded by fake news and false stories, and so they aren’t bad people—they just aren’t seeing what we are seeing. We need to be more understanding. I’m sorry but this isn’t an acceptable justification. It may have been in a pre-Internet era, but today there simply isn’t a reasonable...

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Giving thanks for those who speak up to injustice

These are days when gratitude might not come easy. It’s tempting to scan the horizon each morning and to let your gaze rest and fix solely on the things that burden us; on the sorrow-bringers and the treachery they manufacture, on the terror we are daily surrounded by because of their seemingly boundless contempt for life. We can easily allow the perpetual, urgent storm of darkness they manufacture to obscure the light from view, to fool us into believing that the night has fallen on our best days. But this would be a mistake. It would be playing right...

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How American Christians Kidnap Jesus at Gunpoint

I turned on the T.V. today and saw the horrible news: They’ve kidnapped Jesus at gunpoint. Not terrorists or Atheists or Muslims or career criminals — but American Christians. The image on the screen is heart-wrenching and horrible to witness. They’ve got guns in their hands and Scriptures on their lips, and they’re violently twisting his words until I can’t even recognize them anymore. They’re wearing holsters and crosses, bullets and Bibles. They stand there, surrounding him, claiming to speak for him. They yell a lot about freedom, but it doesn’t sound at all like the kind he spoke...

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Reality Perception: A sane person to an insane society must appear insane

An oft-repeated quote attributed to Star Trek’s Mr. Spock observed that “in an insane world, a sane man must appear insane.” The statement is actually based on what Kurt Vonnegut Jr. wrote, “a sane person to an insane society must appear insane” in Welcome to the Monkey House. John Pavlovitz expands on that feeling in this essay. I know what you’re thinking. I know you feel something breaking inside lately; an invisible fracture that only you’re fully aware of. I know the way you walk away from conversations with people you once relied on for wisdom and clarity and...

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A message to the men on the other side of #MeToo

As I watched my social media feeds fill up over, with hundreds of #MeToo hashtags from women sharing their firsthand experience of sexual harassment or assault, I began to grieve. I grieved for the sheer volume of the revelations, realizing they will still only barely scratch the surface; how many more women are too traumatized, too protective of their privacy, or simply not yet ready to make such personal declarations to an invisible assembly of relative strangers—many of them, the very kinds of men responsible for these wounds. I know how many more women are carrying these terrible stories...

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