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Author: John Pavlovitz

Disposable Children: An intolerance that betrays a generation

America, Your children are beautiful. They are original, once-in-the-history-of-the-planet human beings with a near limitless capacity to do and be extraordinary. They are wild and bright and funny and lovable. But they are not special. The fact that your children were born here, does not endow them with greater worth or deeper humanity than children who were not. It does not make them more deserving of defense or protection or advocacy. It does not make their fear more valid or their wounds more grievous. It does not make their needs more pressing or their disappearance more outrageous. Or at...

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Socially Homesick: Our neighborhoods desperately need a Mister Rogers

When I was a child, Fred Rogers always made me feel that his home was my home, and I gladly spent countless afternoons there learning and listening and dreaming. Sitting in a packed screening of Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, a much older, much more cynical me traveled back in time to that place, and for an hour I remembered what it felt like to be so welcomed and so filled with hope. The moment that familiar front door opened, and I saw those twinkling eyes and heard his soft voice singing me into his living room again—the tears...

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Using the privilege of being afraid to indulge social prejudice

To People of Color Living in America, I’m not sure whether you’ve noticed, but a lot of us white Christian folks here in America are really on edge these days. We could really use your help by doing what you can to put us at ease in such emotionally charged times. Here are a few suggestions: Don’t linger in coffee shops… or restaurants… or campuses… or parks. Sure, I know it looks as though they’ve been purposefully designed to be places people feel comfortable and want to relax while waiting for, you know, meetings and stuff. But your quiet...

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Op Ed: Michelle Wolf backlash is latest Evangelical hypocrisy

Comedian Michelle Wolf stepped to the podium at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner and verbally eviscerated everyone: The President, The Press, Mike Pence, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kellyanne Conway. MAGA Nation, unsurprisingly lost their collective minds. By their wild histrionics, you would have thought she murdered a crowd filled with concertgoers with an arsenal of high-powered weapons. Trump supporters, Conservative pundits, and Evangelical preachers rushed to social media and to partisan talk shows, to lament the comedian’s “cruel, mean-spirited, vicious words;” to clutch their pearls at the seemingly unprecedented nastiness, to openly weep over the supposed inappropriate nature of her...

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A white mass shooter at a Waffle House, a young black hero, and silence from a racist President

The shooting at a Tennessee Waffle House and its aftermath, say everything about this Presidency: A white shooter. People of color brutally murdered. A black, gunless hero saving strangers. A silent white President. It’s all been on full display: No calls by FoxNews to ban angry young white guys. No white evangelical televangelists taking to social media to condemn the evils of racism and the danger of gun proliferation. Nothing about the victims of color. Not a word from GOP leaders. Barely even any cursory “thoughts and prayers” for the dead. No Presidential praise for the black man who...

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The insensitivity of when Christians preach at a Non-Christian’s funerals

A good friend texted me a screenshot with the Facebook page of a mutual friend who died suddenly and very young last week, leaving behind a large community of stunned people grieving his loss. As is often the case, the man’s profile had become a makeshift gathering place for mourners, who checked in to post photos, share memories, and give tributes — but this wasn’t the image my friend shared with me. It was of a Christian friend of the dead man, (who by all accounts was not a Christian), proselytizing on his virtual memorial. He wrote: David was...

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