In a city where invisible barriers can often keep people isolated by their economic class, race, or gender identification, the Nocturnal Underground was one place where the dance party successfully mixed all kinds of people.

Anime Milwaukee’s premier Rave experience lights up the night each year, as DJs from around the country spin the hardest beats to the hottest new jams. For the 2018 convention, TeddyLoid headlined Nocturnal Underground on February 17. The Japanese music producer was the most played artist on Spotify’s “Top 5 Abroad” in 2016.

The four hour dance party included a DJ showdown between Liquid86 vs. DJ Scottaconda, and sets by DJ Kagamine, DJ GreenFlöw, DJ OpM, with Visuals by VJ Daguru.

These images feature highlights from the dance party, leading with the performance by TeddyLoid that attracted hundreds of his music fans.