A reading from the Museum of Advice was held on January 14 at the Woodland Pattern Book Center to a crowd of almost one hundred in attendance.

A dozen of the original 26 experts, from the Milwaukee Fringe Festival, attended the public recital to read aloud their favorite responses to the problems people shared at the August event. Exactly 423 individual questions were collected at the Advice Tent, where curious people were encouraged to pose questions that ranged from the serious, to the vague, to the absurd.

The free advice was retained and archived by the project creator Anja Sieger, who created a digital databases for The Museum of Advice. Physical copies of the questions and answers gathered at the tent will be on display at the Woodland Pattern Book Center from January 10 to 22.

The images from this photo essay captured the afternoon reading and audience talkback, featuring problems and paths to solve them from enlightened advice.

Museum of Advice Contributors:
  • Dictionary Advice by Anja
  • Metaphorical Advice by Freesia McKee
  • Yoga Therapy Advice by Heidi Parkes
  • Fashion/Alien/Voyeuristic Advice by Blasted Ellipses
  • Slap of Reality Advice by Reality Slapstein
  • Contradictory Advice by Contra/Diction
  • Sporty Advice by Jock Strap
  • Colored Advice by D’Comma Sense
  • Sunny Side Up Healthy Ass Life Advice by Ms. Bloom
  • Nihilistic Advice by Nadia
  • Ethical Advice by the Honorable Fuega, Nature Witch
  • Culinary Advice by Monique Gastrique
  • Klutz to Klutz Advice by Marty Cabinet
  • Subliminal Advice by Notanja
  • Twice/Thrice Advice by Freesia McKee
  • Mending Advice by Heidi Parkes
  • Taoist Advice by ViVi
  • Contradictory Advice by Contra/Versial
  • English Teacher Advice by Red Pen
  • Hard Boiled Advice by Marty Cabinet
  • Life: Welcome To Reality Advice by CC
  • Unrealistic Advice by Madame Peacock
  • Musical Advice by Indigo Jade Kästel
  • Fiery Advice by Audrey Thompson-Wallace
  • Botanical Advice by Root the Plant Whisperer
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Lee Matz