For the past 7 years, Victory Garden Initiative has installed raised-bed gardens across Milwaukee and beyond. From May 7-21, over 300 volunteers will join Victory Garden Initiative (VGI) for the nation’s largest garden-building event, the Great Milwaukee Victory Garden BLITZ. Over these two weeks, volunteers will build approximately 500 4x8’ raised-bed gardens filled with healthy, organic soil in front yards and backyards all over the city, bringing the total number of gardens installed by VGI to over 3,000.

The gardens, purchased by community members at an affordable price, are installed by volunteers and filled with organic soil from VGI’s local compost partner, Blue Ribbon Organics. Anyone can purchase a garden for their yard or business, and each year up to half of the BLITZ gardens go to low-income recipients at a reduced price. Registration to purchase a garden is open now until May 1st.

The BLITZ mobilizes hundreds of volunteers, who will meet every day at Habitat for Humanity’s Milwaukee headquarters, 3726 N. Booth St., to gather supplies and head out to neighborhoods to build gardens. Gillian M., a BLITZ volunteer, says, “The work all of you do every day is inspiring and gives me hope for the future, as a lifelong resident of the inner city neighborhoods, which often receive harsh misunderstanding or a lack of attention altogether by so many other Wisconsin communities. Thank you for your example of going above and beyond your fair share of work.” Volunteer registration is open to individuals and groups.

This BLITZ is spreading to other communities – VGI has trained both Green Bay, WI and Berea, KY to BLITZ their towns, and hopes to continue training others to move grass and grow food, creating a community-based, socially just, ecologically sustainable and nutritious food system for all.

To sign up to volunteer or get a garden, please visit