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Author: TheGuardian

Nonbelievers rising: Pew Research Center’s study finds American Christians could be a minority group by 2070

Christians in the United States may become a minority group by 2070 if recent trends continue, according to data released by the Pew Research Center. To predict how the American religious landscape will change over the next 50 years, the center posed several questions: “What if Christians keep leaving religion at the same rate observed in recent years? What if the pace of religious switching continues to accelerate? What if switching were to stop, but other demographic trends – such as migration, births and deaths – were to continue at current rates?” The center modeled four hypothetical scenarios, based...

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Law and Order: Why the midterm message from the GOP is at odds with its support of criminal behavior

A campaign ad from Mehmet Oz, candidate for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, is vintage Republican strategy: casting a Democratic opponent as soft on crime. The party is zeroing in on fears over public safety ahead of November’s midterm elections in an effort to change the conversation from abortion, climate or democracy. But Republicans’ own claim to be the party of law and order is this time undermined, critics say, by the behavior of its party leaders. Former president Donald Trump, who is under myriad criminal, civil and congressional investigations, is not alone. Many senior Republicans have rallied to...

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Independent commission determines Confederate Memorial at Arlington Cemetery must be removed

An independent commission has recommended that the Confederate Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery be dismantled and taken down, as part of its final report to Congress on the renaming of military bases and assets that commemorate the Confederacy. Panel members in September rolled out the final list of ships, base roads, buildings and other items that they said should be renamed. But unlike the commission’s recommendations earlier this year laying out new names for nine Army bases, there were no suggested names for the roughly 1,100 assets across the military that bear Confederate names. Retired Army Brig. General Ty...

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A Paper Tiger: Ukraine has exposed the deep institutional weakness of Russia’s military capability

Viewed purely in terms of the size of their formations and equipment, Russian ground forces in Ukraine still pose a serious threat on a number of axes. In practice, however, it is highly unlikely the Russian military can recover from its increasingly terminal trajectory on the battlefield, though its defeat will take time and bitter fighting. To understand why, it is necessary to examine the force beyond its equipment and personnel. The U.S. assesses military capability through the abbreviation DOTMLPF. That senior U.S. officers regularly try to roll this off the tongue as an acronym may exemplify military absurdity,...

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Beyond Ukraine: How Putin wages war on the world from energy blackmail to threats of starvation

The Ukrainians have (again) done what nobody believed they could. They have (again) defeated the supposedly mighty Russia on the battlefield, shown up the underlying incompetence and moral rot of the Putin system. It took them just six days to take back whole swaths of territory in north-eastern Ukraine that it took Russia six months to conquer. The Russian military, political and propaganda elites are all blaming each other: rifts that usually rumble under the surface are now visible to all. Putin looks shaken. Now it is time for us to act as well. Not just by increasing help...

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Seeking Shelter: Displaced residents in war-torn Ukrainian towns fear a bitter winter without homes

If it is too cold in the garage, Vadim sleeps in his old car. He lived on the third floor of an apartment block by Borodianka’s central street, but it was destroyed by Russian grad missiles in March. There is barely anything here for him now, beyond the section of basement he could call his own. Every day he spends hours inside it sifting through the rubble, picking out fragments of his family’s belongings. It keeps him busy, he said. The walk out of town to his garage is long and dispiriting but Vadim has few options. He does...

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