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Author: TheGuardian

Hate Speech: New study finds that propaganda for White Supremacy hit historically high levels in 2021

The propagation of White Supremacist propaganda in the United States remained at historically high levels in 2021 despite a small recent dip, a new study from the Anti-Defamation League has revealed. ADL’s research found that although 2021 data indicated a 5% drop in incidents of distributing White supremacist propaganda from 2020 – with 4,851 cases reported, compared with 5,125 the year before – the numbers remain at worryingly serious levels. Throughout 2021, White Supremacist propaganda was reported in all states except Hawaii. The highest levels of propaganda activity occurred in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, Massachusetts, Washington, Maryland and New York....

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A Kremlin Coup: What fantasies about replacing Putin forget is another madman always waits in reserve

Vladimir Putin’s full-blown invasion of Ukraine aimed at toppling the Kyiv government, based on the preposterous claim that it is run by “neo-Nazis,” has produced Europe’s worst war in a generation, and it has taken a terrible toll on civilians. The Russian armed forces have hit hospitals, apartment buildings, a shopping center and a theater that was serving as a shelter. The immense suffering has been made worse by sieges, above all the one around Mariupol, large parts of which have also been reduced to rubble. The war has also forced millions from their homes. The UN high commissioner...

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Battleground State: How Wisconsin’s gubernatorial race could shape the future of American democracy

Wisconsin’s governor, Tony Evers, is not exactly known as a hotheaded partisan warrior. The soft spoken Democrat enjoys polka, the card game Euchre, and a daily McDonald’s Egg McMuffin. But it struck a nerve recentlt when he heard Robin Vos, the powerful speaker of the Wisconsin state assembly, claim there was widespread voter fraud in 2020. “He’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met but that was about the dumbest thing he’s ever said,” Evers said. This fall, the future of American democracy may hinge on what happens in contests like the gubernatorial race in Wisconsin, a critical...

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Last Days in Irpin: Vulnerable residents given help to reach safety after a month of misery

Breaking News: Milwaukee’s sister city of Irpin was just declared liberated from Russian forces on March 28. According to Irpin’s Mayor Oleksandr Markushyn, civilians were not yet allowed to return to the city, which is located just northwest of Kyiv. There remains a high risk of further attacks by Russia. Every few minutes, an ambulance or an unmarked white van arrives at a dusty courtyard on the western outskirts of Kyiv and an elderly, frail person is helped at times by stretcher from the back. These are some of the last residents of Irpin, a commuter town a few...

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A War on Journalism: When reporters in Mariupol were hunted for covering the truth about Russian cruelty

The Russians were hunting us down. They had a list of names, including ours, and they were closing in. We had been documenting the siege of Mariupol by Russian troops for more than two weeks and were the only international journalists left in the city. We were reporting inside the hospital when gunmen began stalking the corridors. Surgeons gave us white scrubs to wear as camouflage. Suddenly at dawn, a dozen soldiers burst in: “Where are the journalists, for f*ck’s sake?” I looked at their armbands, blue for Ukraine, and tried to calculate the odds that they were Russians...

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Kherson Diary: A first-hand account documenting three weeks of life in a Russian-occupied Ukrainian city

Since Kherson became the first Ukrainian city to be captured during Russia’s invasion, its population of more than 280,000 has been living under brutal occupation. Two female journalists, whose identities are being protected, have been documenting the struggles they see in the port city as brave residents endure and resist against the humanitarian disaster unfolding around them. Monday 28 February There are huge queues for bread. Flour and yeast have disappeared from stores. I bake four loaves, mixing all the flour in the house – corn, rye – because there is not enough wheat. Then I take bread to...

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