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Author: Robert Reich

Corporate Welfare: When Republicans punish the poor with “Capitalism” and reward the rich with “Socialism”

Much of the news from Republicans in Congress has been about their attacks on the agenda of Democrats, with abundant false claims of scary “socialist” policies. We do have socialism in this country — but it is not policies promoted by Democrats. The real socialism is corporate welfare. Thousands of big American corporations rake in billions each year in government subsidies, bailouts, and tax loopholes—all funded on the taxpayer dime, and all contributing to higher stock prices for the richest 1 percent who own half of the stock market, as well as CEOs and other top executives who are...

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Wealth Supremacists: When money drives the agenda of an anti-democratic coalition that obstructs progress

It is natural to believe that President Biden and the Democratic party leadership would do everything in their power to stop Republicans from undermining democracy. So far this year, the Republican party has passed roughly 30 laws in states across the country that will make voting harder, especially in Black and Latino communities. With Trump’s baseless claim that the 2020 election was stolen, Republicans are stoking White people’s fears that a growing non-White population is usurping their dominance. Yet while Biden and Democratic leaders are openly negotiating with holdout senators for Biden’s stimulus and infrastructure proposals, they are not...

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The immigration problem begins with us: The truth about the United States Border-Industrial Complex

The story you have heard about immigration, from politicians and the mainstream media alike, is not close to the full picture. Here is the truth about how we got here and what we must do to fix it. A desperate combination of factors are driving migrants and asylum seekers to our southern border, from Central America in particular: deep economic inequality, corruption, and high rates of poverty — all worsened by COVID-19. Many are also fleeing violence and instability, much of it tied to historic U.S. support for brutal authoritarian regimes, right-wing paramilitary groups, and corporate interests in Latin...

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Structural Imbalance: The concentration of wealth has left the American economy perilously fragile

Policymakers and the media are paying too much attention to how quickly the United States economy will emerge from the pandemic-induced recession, and not nearly enough to the nation’s deeper structural problem, the huge imbalance of wealth that could enfeeble the economy for years. Seventy per cent of the U.S. economy depends on consumer spending. But wealthy people, who now own more of the economy than at any time since the 1920s, spend only a small percentage of their incomes. Lower-income people, who were in trouble even before the pandemic, spend whatever they have – which has become very...

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Defined by its delusions: How the Republican Party became the greatest danger to American Democracy

The greatest danger to American democracy right now is not coming from Russia, China, or North Korea. It is coming from the Republican Party. Only 25 percent of voters self-identify as Republican, the GOP’s worst showing against Democrats since 2012 and sharply down since last November. But those who remain in the Party are far angrier, more ideological, more truth-denying, and more racist than Republicans who preceded them. And so are the lawmakers who represent them. Today’s Republican Party increasingly is defined not by its shared beliefs but by its shared delusions. On May 28, 54 U.S. senators voted...

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The politics of bigotry: Why Republicans still fabricate conflicts without proof in order to stoke fear

There is no ‘surge’ of migrants at the border and there is no huge voter fraud problem, there is only an attack from the Republican hard-right. Republicans are outraged – outraged! – at the surge of migrants at the southern border. The House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, declared it a “crisis … created by the presidential policies of this new administration.” The Arizona congressman Andy Biggs claimed, “we go through some periods where we have these surges, but right now is probably the most dramatic that I’ve seen at the border in my lifetime.” Donald Trump demands the Biden...

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