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Author: Robert Reich

Supporting Trump’s treachery continues even with detailed accounts of his seditious pursuit of power

The committee has produced history’s most detailed account of an American president’s cruel and seditious pursuit of power. Even now, Trump continues to push states to alter the outcomes of the 2020 election. The House of Representatives’ select committee investigating the January 6 attack has finished its hearings, at least for now. But Trump’s attempted coup continues. He has not stopped giving speeches to stir up angry mobs with his big lie that the 2020 election was stolen. He gave another fiery address on July 22 in Arizona, the day after the latest hearings on July 21. He is...

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Symptoms of a rigged system: Why Democrats cannot defeat Trumpism without an agenda of radical reform

Much of today’s Republican party is treacherous and treasonous. So why are Democrats facing midterm elections that, according to most political observers, they are likely to lose? Having been a loyal Democrat for some 70 years, including a stint as a cabinet secretary, it pains me to say this: the Democratic party has lost its way. Some commentators think Democrats have moved too far to the left – too far from the so-called “center.” This is utter rubbish. Where has the center between democracy and authoritarianism, and why would Democrats want to be there? Others think Biden has not...

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The secret assault on our rights: How Conservatives used Wisconsin as a laboratory for autocracy

Democracy is not just under attack in America. In some states, it is being lost. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once suggested that states could serve as laboratories of democracy, but these states are more like laboratories of autocracy. Take Wisconsin. The GOP has so successfully rigged state elections through gerrymandering that even when Democrats get more votes, Republicans win more seats. In 2018, Republicans won just 45% of the vote statewide, but were awarded 64% of the seats. Wisconsin is one of several states where an anti-democracy movement has taken hold — but it wasn’t always this way....

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Untethered from reality: Why the Big Lie has now become a central tenet of Republican dogma

We tragically fool ourselves if we believe that the televised hearings of the January 6 committee will change the Republican party or end Trump’s attempted coup. The Republican party is becoming ever more divorced from reality, and Trump’s attempted coup continues unabated. The first four hearings of the committee demolished the myths of voter fraud repeated incessantly by Trump. Yet the Republican response to those hearings has ranged from indifference to hostility. Representative Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader of the House, tweeted that the members of the committee “will not stop lying about their political opponents,” and called the...

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Everything at stake after Roe: Why Republicans will not stop until all Constitutional rights are revoked

Bans on abortion, birth control, and same-sex marriage are at stake in November’s elections. Overturning Roe v. Wade is extreme, but what is just as alarming is the logic Justice Samuel Alito used to justify it, which puts a whole range of other rights on the chopping block, too. We enjoy many rights that are protected by the Constitution but not explicitly mentioned in it. One of these is the right to privacy. The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that the 14th Amendment’s due process clause protects individuals’ privacy against government interference. In 1965, in Griswold v. Connecticut, the Supreme...

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Two versions of America: Efforts to reverse Roe v. Wade proves a second Civil War is already underway

The U.S. Supreme Court’s upcoming decision to reverse Roe v. Wade does not ban abortions, it leaves the issue to the states. As a result, it will put another large brick in the growing wall separating Blue and Red America. The second American civil war is already occurring, but it is less of a war than a kind of benign separation analogous to unhappily married people who do not want to go through the trauma of a formal divorce. One America is largely urban, racially and ethnically diverse, and young. The other is largely rural or exurban, White and older....

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