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Author: Pardeep Kaleka

Pardeep Kaleka: The loss of George Floyd should make us more reverent

“His name was George Floyd. He was 46. His life matters and his family deserves justice. There was no empathy or humanity in his death. This was not an anomaly. We hear the echo of the words of Eric Garner. We relive the pain of the death of Black Wisconsinites like Dontre Hamilton, Ernest Lacy, and Sylville Smith. Frustration and anger about systemic injustices are always justified. Folks in Wisconsin should be able to protest peacefully and to report on these events without the fear of being unsafe or arrested. And if you’re exercising that right, please wear your...

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Pardeep Kaleka: When a diverse community gathers in fellowship on the spiritual toll of gun violence

Oftentimes I find myself reflecting on two things; choices and solutions. If the issues that we face are solvable then why don’t we solve them? Because society exists in the poisoned tree of division, apathy, deflection, denial, and inaction. On Thursday, October 10, our city engaged in the “On the Table MKE” discussions sponsored by The Greater Milwaukee Foundation. Our conversations took place at the Milwaukee Asian Market and explored the theme of “The Spiritual Toll of Gun Violence.” Gathered was a collective of advocates, elected officials, faith leaders, survivors, and concerned citizens. The group of sixty included a...

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Kids in Cages: Reflections on our disunited state and culture of unrequited love

The journey of many immigrants is one that longs for opportunity. On this 243rd Anniversary of Independence, I reflected on what opportunity really means; past, present, and future. Yesterday morning, July 4, I woke to invitations for attending parades, television programming around our collective patriotism, and wishes for a Happy Independence Day. As I drove around, I noticed many engaged in a prideful remembrance of the stars and stripes, the red, white, and blue, and everything that could be barbecued. Many would agree that we currently live in a Divided States of America. However, what happens when you –...

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Governor Tony Evers brings proclamation of love and support to Sikh Americans in Oak Creek

On Saturday, April 27 another faith community was again targeted by yet a hate-attack inside their place of prayer. One dead and three others injured. The Congregation Chabad Synagogue in Poway, California was left mourning the senseless violence committed by the hands and of an openly anti-Semitic 19 year-old armed with an AR-15. The “Thoughts and prayers” pouring in worldwide for our Jewish brothers and sisters has become routine in the American ritual of mourning lives lost because of the spread of mass violence. The sad irony is that these terrible acts are being committed in places of prayer....

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Pardeep Kaleka: Our habituation to mass murder and violence is a bitter soup of inaction

I woke that Friday morning, March 15, to a barrage of notifications on my mobile phone. Another mass murder was committed in a place of prayer by a self-proclaimed White Nationalist who live-streamed his attack on Facebook. The social media feed described multiple dead and injured in a New Zealand Mosque. My concern centered on the families directly impacted, and before I could even truly reflect, my phone was ringing and dinging from various media outlets. CNN, Newsweek, and a local TV station wanted an interview. I immediately recorded a video response with my wife to express our condolences,...

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