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Author: Pardeep Kaleka

Year In Review 2021: Finding a strategy for giving up our confinement to fear

2021 began a second year with the deadly coronavirus pandemic, and the near collapse of American Democracy. Even with a vaccination for COVID-19, much of the turbulence from 2020 continued because of weaponized politics. That social trauma aggravated the public health crisis, and the economy’s struggle to recover. While the year did not present the same risks of physical injury for journalism as the previous, the editorial staff of Milwaukee Independent experienced many difficult challenges in the process of reporting the news and preserving those conditions with images. The Year In Review (YIR) series has evolved from a simple...

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America’s vitriol after 9/11: Remembering the innocent victims of our misguided patriotism

It can be said that it is one thing to remember, but yet another thing entirely to understand and reflect on. Undoubtably, September 11, 2001 has been seared into the collective psyche of America yet headlines still remind us that we must remember. For example, yesterday’s USA Today front page read, “America Doesn’t Forget,” and lots of other publications have echoed this same sentiment over the years. A collective demand of unified Nationalism. If you are old enough to remember that terrible day, then these headlines certainly back many of your feelings associated with that time period. If you...

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Saaya Unveiled: Milwaukee author offers insight into the mental health issues of the South Asian diaspora

The month of May is both “Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month” and “National Mental Health Awareness Month.” In recognition of the many layers and complexities that show up in the South Asian experience, I’m reviewing the work of author, Mrinal Gokhale in her first published book, Saaya Unveiled: South Asian Mental Health Spotlighted. As a clinician myself, I am always in search for great resources that could help inform the many diverse mental health treatment modalities, planning, and goals for my clients. Gokhale, in her book, intimately explored the lives of 11 South Asians with upbringings connected...

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Pardeep Kaleka: What the heartbreaking COVID-19 crisis in India can teach us all here in Milwaukee

It is almost impossible to put into words the level of catastrophe that the recent COVID-19 breakout has unleashed on the people of India. The latest COVID-19 surge has seen new infections top 300-400K every day for the past few weeks. If those numbers alarm you, please understand that the real number may be closer to 1-2 million per day. This is because there are many parts of India without health care facilities nor testing sites. Places so rural, remote, and impoverished that huge swaths of the population are simply without the capability of any type of medical attention....

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Pardeep Kaleka: The need to build a systematic strategy that prevents mass shootings

A few years ago, when I asked my wife if she would like to take the kids to see a movie, she informed me that she doesn’t like patronizing theaters. When I asked her why, her response was not surprising. But it did make me think about how many more people felt the same way. She stated that a movie theater and other public places made her uncomfortable, because she was worried that someone would shoot the place up and she would not be able to protect the kids. In the wake of what seems to be a never-ending...

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