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Author: John Pavlovitz

To grieve the enormity of a half million lost American lives includes being better neighbors to the living

500,000 people in a year, gone. 6.25 full Lambeau Fields. 192 September 11 attacks. 8.6 Vietnam Wars. 500,000 lives in 12 months. 500,000 mothers, best friends, favorite uncles, beloved teachers, helpful neighbors, papas, grandmas, first loves, only children, soul mates. 500,000 givers and helpers and creators and lovers and thinkers and healers. 500,000 silenced laughs and interrupted plans and abandoned dreams and stilled bodies and quieted voices. 500,000 empty chairs and beds and house and embraces. How do you properly grieve this kind of subtraction of humanity? How do you adequately mourn the unfathomable scale and the velocity of...

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A world remade by Grief: How WandaVision explores the reality of ordinary people living with loss

WARNING: The following contains spoilers and/or possible spoilers for Marvel’s WandaVision on Disney+ I get Wanda Maximoff. At least, I get what I think I know about her. I get what grief does to your world. In the seconds after my father died suddenly and many times in the nearly seven years since, I’ve had a similar thought: I’d do anything to change this. Literally anything. The moment I took the phone call from my youngest brother and heard in his voice a quiver it’s never had before as he told me the news of my father’s death, I...

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The depth of inhumanity: When no line is too far to cross for political gain

Human beings are supposed to have a bottom: a base level of decency that defines us, a place we will not go to because to go there would mean abandoning the very moral givens that tether us to one another — and slipping into inhumanity. We are expected as participants in community to have some ethical boundaries that hedge us in and prevent the very worst of our tendencies from festering to the point they grow toxic and metastasize within us and among us. We live in this world every day alongside countless people in our work and our...

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The Character of Faith: People will never find peace when their God is a Gun

To paraphrase a wise man, “They keep using that word. I do not think it means what they think it means.” Every day my timeline is filled with God and Gun “Christians.” The two words are frequently given the same place of adoration. They are spoken of with kindred reverence. They are allotted equal fervor. God. Gun. Those two words are used with such similar frequency on their social media bios, and often so tethered together in their conversations and in their sermons that they are inextricable. And what you realize if you pay attention, is that the God...

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A Monstrous Truth: Even after the departure of a madman the political madness remains

We fooled ourselves, good people. For the last four years we told one another a necessary story. Because we wanted to believe the best about humanity, many of us clung to a false narrative of otherwise decent people hopelessly swept up in the fervor of the moment: good human beings intoxicated in the bloody water of a feeding frenzy power-grab, eyes rolled back and unable to do anything but consume. We wanted to believe it was a temporary condition. We imagined that if he were gone, that once this messianic monster was removed and severed from them, that those...

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Weaponizing Unity: Decent Americans don’t need to unify with domestic terrorists to heal the nation

During his Inaugural address, just as he had done many times on the campaign trail, President Biden once again delivered a heartfelt plea for national unity, saying: Today, on this January day, my whole soul is in this: Bringing America together. Uniting our people. He continued, saying that Americans need to rally together around the common foes we face: Anger, resentment, hatred. extremism, lawlessness, violence. disease, joblessness, hopelessness. I believe the President’s soul is indeed in this and mine is as well. I echo his sentiments and agree on these beautiful shared aspirations. But as the Right is now...

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