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Author: John Pavlovitz

You are not alone: An Open Letter to Transgender youth

Dear Friend, I don’t know your story. I cannot imagine how you feel. I can’t fathom how difficult this road has been for you: the swirling storm of the questions inside your head, the hidden fears you’ve had to constantly keep at bay, the incessant worries about the responses of those you love to your full truth—and to have to endure all of it while living inside a space that does not feel like home. There’s no way to place myself inside your shoes or your skin and even begin to understand how much it hurts be the target...

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Treasuring guns over people: Only a global pandemic could briefly pause America’s gun epidemic

The ten victims in Boulder and the eight in Atlanta were survivors. They had managed to weather the greatest public health crisis of our lifetime: an insidious and relentless virus, that for twelve months has decimated the planet and taken the lives of our a half a million Americans with terrifying velocity and breathtaking brutality. They had endured lockdowns and shutdowns and job losses, they had made it through isolation and fear and grieving, they had navigated school closings and social restrictions, they had tirelessly evaded a pervasive sickness that so many others had succumbed to. They had lived...

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Who God should love: Why churches discriminate against the LGBTQ+ community in the name of religion

The Catholic Church doesn’t need to bless same-gender unions. The Southern Baptist Church doesn’t. The United Methodist Church doesn’t. No church needs to. God already blesses them — that is, if God is love in the way these churches all claim that God is. If God is really love, if that truly is the essence of the Divine, then God is for same-gender marriage, non-heteronormative marriages for the same reason God is for any loving, respectful union. If God is love, God is for a mutually-beneficial relationship between two adult people; where they each find connection, affection, and devotion...

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A Privilege of Silence: White men have not done enough to call out the toxic perpetrators who are White men

America has a white male problem. If you’re living here and you’re not a white male, I likely don’t have to do much to convince you of that fact. You’ve been an eyewitness. You’ve had a front row seat to the horrors. You’ve likely been on the receiving end of the misogyny, carried the brunt of the bigotry, and sustained the bruises of the brutality. We’ve all seen the mass shootings, read the assault statistics, and inventoried the hate crimes and they speak for themselves. The pattern is undeniable, the repetition is clear. We know that the violence of...

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What’s past is prologue: When the rhetoric of hate lives on in the monsters MAGA culture makes

Words are stunningly versatile things. They have the ability to either create or to destroy, to lift us or level us, to give us wings or to crush us beneath their weight, to inspire us to reach the loftiness parts of our nature or to drive us to the depths of our blackest darkness. We know this to be true from the way other’s voices have shaped us in both redemptive and debilitating ways. The words of others can become for us the language for all that we harbor unspoken in our hearts: every unfulfilled longing, each unhealed wound,...

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Ignoring neighbors in need: When Bible believers claim Christian values but lack any capacity for love

They would not help people. Not one of them. They all voted no on giving aid to Americans during the single greatest health crisis of our lifetimes: one that has taken the lives of over a half a million Americans and left millions more at the precipice of poverty and homelessness — or well beyond it. They chose not to bring comfort or rest or peace to the assailed, harassed, and helpless in front of them. Not the Atheists, not the Muslims, not the humanists; not the Buddhists, Jews, Sikhs, or Wiccans or Humanists. The Christians did this. The...

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