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Author: John Pavlovitz

Grief for 9/11 but denial for 01/06: Real patriots condemn all terrorist attacks on America

Every year, when the calendar changes, they arrive: the #NeverForget-ers. Soon, millions of Americans will post their flowery tributes and loudly broadcast their patriotism and tweet out their #NeverForget hashtags regarding the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks on this nation. It will be yet another occasion to flex their “Don’t Tread on Me” nationalism and generate self-congratulatory flag-waving fervor in the face of a foreign assault on American soil. Their patriotism will be predictably stratospheric and reliably unavoidable. Yet, these twenty-year mourners are the same people who still refuse to acknowledge the violent attack on our Capitol mere months...

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Interdependence not Independence: Squandering the gift of freedom so Americans can die from selfishness

Freedom is an unearned privilege, and you have it. If you were born here in America you inherited it. It came with your breath and your birth certificate. That freedom actually wasn’t free though — it was quite costly and someone prepaid it on your behalf. You never met them and you’ll likely never know their names. They paid for your freedom in filthy, putrid trenches decades ago and half a world away. They paid it on blackened beachfronts littered with the blood and body parts of strangers. They paid it cold and alone on frozen countrysides, in places...

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The economic cost of Conservative Christians who trust God when healthy but demand science when sick

Every single day I am inundated with professed Christians who steadfastly and loudly refuse to be vaccinated under the auspices of their faith. They write to me or respond on social media with lengthy, passionate sermons, chastising me for my heresy and boasting that they “trust God, not Science” to protect them from the virus. Nearly all of them aren’t being completely honest. They don’t really trust God alone, He’s just their first line of defense. If they’re in really trouble they call for backup – and it won’t be a minister, priest, or pastor. A man named Brett...

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How the fall of Afghanistan echoes what nearly happened in our homeland on January 6

Watching the Taliban gloating in the Presidential palace in Kabul this week after violently overthrowing the government there, gave me major January 6th déjà vu. The muscle memory of that day kicked in again: the disbelief and shock, the stark helplessness, the repeating question of how this could be happening. While the world looked on in horror at Afghanistan, marveling at the seemingly impossible speed and ferocity with which a group of extremists could overtake a foreign nation’s leadership and throw it all into chaos, the familiarity of the moment is something America needs to wrestle with. We cannot...

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Selfishness as a deadly virus: There is no vaccine that can make Americans care about other human beings

I can’t believe we’re still here. I can’t believe that we’re entering the second full year of this unfathomable madness. We are, and we don’t need to be. Here in America, we have enough vaccines for every adult here. The embarrassment of riches most nations on this planet are literally begging for — and nearly half of our people are simply refusing them. Despite how many have already died. Despite the fear and lack and grieving of the past eighteen months. Despite all the time we’ve missed with people we love. Despite every desperate plea from educated people who...

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Be a good Influencer: We can all set a positive example as a transformative force for others to follow

People often refer to me as an influencer and ask me how I became one. They invite to influencer gatherings and put me on influencer conference panels and ask me to contribute to influencer podcasts. I’ve never been quite comfortable with that term, as it’s always felt rather hollow and meaningless: some manufactured label arbitrarily affixed to people in order to artificially elevate them. I think of people who are known simply for being known. But lately I’ve come to embrace it, to own it, to celebrate it. Yeah, I am an influencer. You are, too. Influencers are simply...

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