Merit Badges are embroidered patches earned by members of the Boy Scouts of America, based on specific activities or areas of study. The company Winks for Days decided that young adults should have similar rewards for their real-life accomplishments.

As the Millennial generation has graduated from school into the workforce, aged into parenthood and the PTA, and been funneled into mortgage responsibilities, many memes address the issue of being an adult. In short, “Adulting” is hard.

One online manufacturing company thought it was time to offer recognition for the particulars of the struggle, with humorous awards.

Morgan and Jason Wyatt started Winks For Days in 2015 as an accessories brand specializing in clever, creative, sometimes weird, and cute items. The company was one of the first to make iron-on patches featuring expressive emoji.

“We believes in creativity. We design patches ourselves, but also collaborate with talented artists to bring our iron-on patch ideas to life so that our customers can enjoy wearable pieces of original art. Patches are like tattoos – addictive! Thankfully, patches are slightly less painful too.” – Winks For Days

There are 10 sets of “Adulting Merit Badge” embroidered iron-on patches, 3 patches per set. Many are designed to just be humorous, like “put on pants” and “abandoned a shopping cart.” Others such as “I tried my best“ and ”minded my own business” reflect the pressures of daily life.

The playful expressions are another example of the meek defiance from a younger generation that follows the “Ok, Boomer” trend. That catchphrase gained popularity as a push back against the dismissive and mocking attitudes from the baby boomer generation.

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