The two week exhibition during Black History Month celebrates Milwaukee connections and former players from the segregated sport.

Bridging Gaps to Greatness (BGG) will host a traveling exhibit at City Hall from February 13 to 24, to the preserve and educate the public about the history of the Negro Baseball League, with depictions of that Era. Students from surrounding schools and communities were invited to participate by the affiliate of Yesterday’s Negro League Baseball Players Foundation (YNLBP).

“The Yesterday’s Negro League Baseball Players Exhibit, offers access to a vital part of American’s history dating back to the past century; that is often overlooked,” said Patrice Smith, founder of Bridging Gaps to Greatness (BGG). “Our exhibit would give viewers an occasion to explore a fascinating era in American sports that reveals a rich and colorful story, which had a profound impact not only on our national pastime, but upon America’s social and moral development. Through pictures, documents, artifacts and memorabilia, this exhibit will share the invaluable experiences of the negro league baseball players.”

Public and charter schools that participate in the free tour also have the opportunity to win a free interactive workshop as a follow-up from the exhibit. The workshop consists of a modern learning concept. Visual Literacy is designed to assist students in the process of making observations, connections, and inferences about the development of ideas. Students will have an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the Negro Baseball League’s experience through guided activities, creating artifacts, and presentations.

“Back In 1923, Milwaukee had a team in the Negro Baseball League called the Milwaukee Bears,” said Smith. “Today, the Milwaukee Brewers pays tribute to the Negro League Legends annually in their honor.

Bridging Gaps to Greatness (BGG) an affiliate of Yesterday’s Negro League Baseball Players Foundation, in their commitment to the preservation and education of the Negro Baseball League’s history, is hosting the Traveling Exhibit at the City Hall building for Black History Month. We are inviting students from surrounding schools and communities to participate for a tour as well as offering follow up workshops where they can further engage in the 21st. Century learning concepts and activities related to this fascinating era in history.

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