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Jimmy Carter 2.0: Why the anti-democratic mob is determined to make Joe Biden into a bogeyman

The president has had to withstand a barrage from right-wingers, and for Republicans the formula might be working to their political advantage. It seemed that Joe Biden would be bad for business in “Make America great again” world. In theory, the U.S. president, a white man with working-class roots and moderate policy positions, was a more elusive target for Donald Trump’s increasingly extreme support base than other prominent Democrats. But after his first year in office, it transpires that Biden is not too boring to be a rightwing boogeyman after all. “He’s our best salesperson,” said Ronald Solomon, a...

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Seeing the Facts: President Joe Biden asks Americans to believe the truth of January 6 with their own eyes

By John M. Murphy, Professor of Communication, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign President Joe Biden closed his speech commemorating and deploring the events of January 6, 2021, by asking God to “bless those who stand watch over democracy.” To “stand watch” is to stand guard, but as a metaphor, it runs deeper. To stand watch on a ship is to keep out a weather eye – to keep an eye on the sea and sky for potential danger. In this larger sense, Biden’s address called on Americans to see the plain truth, to bear witness to the violence of...

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A Campaign of Subversion: Evidence grows against GOP lawmakers who conspired to overturn Biden’s victory

The story broke on December 17 that members of the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol think they know who wrote one of the eye-popping texts to Trump’s White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows. The text was the one sent the day after the election, before all the states had called the election, suggesting that Republicans should not wait for results in three states but should simply appoint their own electors. Then the whole mess would be thrown to the Supreme Court. Trump had frequently said that the Supreme Court, to...

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Unhappy Americans: The unrealistic expectations of how fast President Joe Biden can clean up Trump’s mess

America is overflowing with good news. Unemployment is down, wages are up, consumer confidence is rebounding, and consumers are spending more. COVID seems to be in retreat, at least among those who have been vaccinated. And two big parts of Biden’s legislative agenda, last spring’s $1.9tn American Rescue Plan and his recent $1.2tn infrastructure plan, have been enacted. So what’s not to be happy about? Apparently, plenty. Biden’s job approval rating is 12 points lower than when he took office – now just 41% (around where Trump’s was for most of his presidency). Most registered voters say that if...

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Milwaukee Bucks honored by President Joe Biden in first visit to White House by NBA team since 2016

The Milwaukee Bucks became the first NBA champions to visit the White House since 2016 on November 8. During a short ceremony, President Joe Biden talked about watching fans in the Deer District during Milwaukee’s postseason run, and he praised the team for never giving up — despite going down 0-2 in two playoff series. “You represented yourselves, your families, your organization and a great American city by staying true to who you are,” Biden told the team. The president also complimented the team on its work off the court — from encouraging fans to vote and get vaccinated...

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President Joe Biden nominates Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to serve as ambassador to Luxembourg

The White House announced on August 25 that President Joe Biden had selected Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to serve as Ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Praised in the White House press release as “the nation’s longest-serving big city mayor,” the appointment came in recognition of Mayor Barrett’s leadership of Milwaukee, the largest city in Wisconsin, and highlighted his work on climate initiatives. Mayor Barrett, who endorsed Joe Biden for president in April 2020, is the latest political ally to be presented with an ambassadorship. The Mayor held a short press conference in his office after the announcement...

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