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Photo Essay: Journey to Holy Land

Without opportunities to form our own opinions, we often follow the narratives presented in the environment around us. For Danya Strait, who grew-up Jewish in Milwaukee, having more life experience when she made a return trip to Israel awoke a new perspective and understanding of herself and the Holy Land.

Images are © copyright of Danya Strait, Angie Domnitz, Lauren Berger, and Brent Arnold.

All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission.

Read Danya Strait’s account of growing-up Jewish in Milwaukee and her experience from a return to visit Israel.

About The Author

Danya Strait

Danya served as the communications and event director at the Greater Milwaukee Committee, a civic nonprofit group comprised of 200 CEOs who strive to make Milwaukee the best city in which to live, learn, work and play. She is active in the Milwaukee community, engaging and volunteering for community and young professional events, and is a member of the Jewish Federation’s Weinstein Fellowship and Milwaukee Forum.


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