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Earnell Lucas: A Day in Photos with the County Sheriff

With a lifetime connection to the local community, from being born at the Hillside Housing Project to attending public schools, Earnell Lucas has seen the fabric of his life be woven by personal...
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Top universities have law schools but lack educational programs for police science

By Nidia Bañuelos, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Davis In response to calls for police reform and accountability, some U.S. police departments are partnering with colleges and...
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Alderman Cavalier Johnson and family narrowly avoid random gunfire in his neighborhood

In communities across America and indeed in our state, gunshots ring out hourly grazing, maiming, and killing citizens of all ages, colors, and faiths. In rural areas, suicide by gun has cut short...
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Reggie Jackson: On the 400th Anniversary of the arrival of the First Enslaved Africans

As we approach the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first Africans enslaved in what would become the United States, most Americans know very little about the institution that was one of the...
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The 1619 Project tells an “unvarnished truth” about slavery in America

“The New York Times Magazine” recently released its “1619 Project,” an initiative marking the 400th anniversary of the first African slaves arriving in North America. The project is...
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If Germans can atone for the Holocaust then Americans can pay reparations for slavery

By ernd Reiter, Professor at University of South Florida The idea of paying reparations for slavery is gaining momentum in the United States, despite being long derided as an unrealistic plan, to...
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Gun safety advocates in Milwaukee demand Congress end paralysis of courage and enact red flag laws

Milwaukee joined cities across the nation on August 18 with a rally at Red Arrow Park to demand immediate legislative action from members of Congress, to protect the public from the epidemic of mass...
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If “All Lives Matter” then why can’t Americans love migrants as much as they do handguns

It’s a real shame that migrants aren’t handguns. If migrants were handguns, this President would treat them with kid gloves. He’d be ever so careful with his words so as not to cause offense. He’d...
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Wisconsin legislators seek to insert their authority into free speech policies on UW campuses

Student groups at University of Wisconsin schools say legislation protecting free speech is not needed because a 2017 Board of Regents policy already does that. On August 13, Republican state...
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Hip-Hop Week MKE 2019 infuses music with health, civic engagement, and financial literacy

The opening ceremony for the second annual Hip-Hop Week MKE was held at City Hall on August 19, kicking off the only event of its kind in America sponsored by a city government. Since the 1982...
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Nile puts “The Hop” in Hip-Hop Week with first-ever streetcar concert performance

Local creative talent Nile performed his unique style of Hip-Hop on The Hop, as the first live concert ever to be held on Milwaukee’s streetcar on August 19. His Tiny Desk on wheels was also the...
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Wokewashing: When companies only make charitable efforts to get good PR for their brands

By Kim Sheehan, Professor of Journalism and Communication and Director of the Master’s Program in Brand Responsibility, University of Oregon More consumers want companies to address societal...
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