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Author: Wisconsin Examiner

WEDC report evaluates COVID-19 impact on Wisconsin’s economy and how the state can move forward

Months after lawmakers — and even the state’s top economic development strategist — thought it would be waning, COVID-19 still threatens Wisconsin, as its economy struggles to recover. Industries are “reeling” and so are other sectors of the state that are critical to its long-term success: education, child care and health care. As grim as all that might sound, though, it has also given Wisconsin a chance to focus on important priorities, according to Missy Hughes, CEO and Secretary-designee of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). “We have challenges in our economy that are longstanding,” Secretary Hughes told a...

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Wisconsin Funnies: A look at 50 years of Badger-style comics that represent cultural works of art

The Badger State’s rich cartooning history has been celebrated at an exhibit that opened August 8 at the Museum of Wisconsin Art. “Wisconsin Funnies: 50 Years of Comics” will be on display through September 27 at the West Bend museum and Saint Kate — The Arts Hotel in Milwaukee. The split location and timing are intended to coincide with the upcoming Democratic National Convention, so visitors to the greater Milwaukee area might find a welcome dose of humor that goes down well with current events. “There’s a lot to be said for levity that values individual ability and creative...

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Residents demand a moratorium on evictions as more Milwaukee families are displaced from the pandemic

After being evicted from her home in 2019, Jacqueline Clark knows all too well about the trials that may await families in Milwaukee County who lose their housing. A series of bad experiences as a renter compelled her to join the Milwaukee Autonomous Tenants Union (MATU). Her goal is to help others in similar circumstances as evictions are on the rise in Milwaukee. “I joined the union because I personally was evicted by one of the most notorious renters in the city, and that was Berrada property,” she recounted, referring to properties owned by Youssef “Joe” Berrada. “For a...

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The job police are not equipped for: A mental health crisis requires a health-based solution

More than two months since the beginning of a national reckoning over criminal justice and policing, it sometimes seems as though advocates from every side of the debate have settled into their respective corners. After some initial progress on policies such as removing cops from schools and shifting municipal budget priorities — the debate in Wisconsin has slowed as activists continue to march in the streets and legislative leaders continue to say action will not come until at least the fall. But there is a policy idea that has the potential to gain traction among cops and Black Lives...

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Operation Legend stirs unease in Milwaukee and raises questions over surge of federal police operations

A cloud has been hanging over Milwaukee ever since the Trump administration signaled that the city was on a list of places that would receive deployments of federal agents to bolster local policing. Top lawmakers and law enforcement officials at the state and local levels have spoken out against a deployment that could be a replay of the scenes from Portland, where protesters have been yanked off the streets by paramilitary soldiers in unmarked vans. In a conversation on July 29, Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin) addressed the growing concerns of snatch and grab operations targeting protesters. In the midst...

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Wisconsin reviews Foxconn job audit to determine if company qualifies for portion of $3B in tax credits

Foxconn — and Wisconsin — are another step closer to learning whether the Taiwan-based company will qualify for a portion of the $3 billion in state tax credits that were part of the deal signed three years ago to bring the electronics manufacturer to Racine County. A formal audit of the company’s 2019 jobs report was released Wednesday, a week after being submitted to the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. But the audit doesn’t evaluate whether the company has met conditions set in the contract that former Gov. Scott Walker and the state signed with Foxconn in 2017. That will...

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