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Author: Dominic Inouye

A Hero Lives Here: Reexamining the definition of Heroism during the Pandemic

I can draw and label the diagram in my sleep. A circle, an arrow, a horizontal line bisecting the circle. A starting point, an ending point. A high point, a low point. Hundreds of my high school freshmen memorized Joseph Campbell’s “hero journey,” the result of his comparative study of myths and religions from around the world. The journey is a common narrative about heroes that begins with the hero leaving home on a mission and ends with the hero returning transformed and victorious. Since one can’t turn on any kind of media right now – or even walk...

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Dominic Inouye: The positive things happening in our bodies during the COVID-19 crisis

Like many of you, I’ve had a lot of time to read: Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead, Charles Eisenstein’s “The Coronation,” Google searches on “fight or flight.” I’ve been asking myself: What do COVID-19, Brown, Eisenstein and Selye have in common? What is the sweet spot of this curious Venn diagram? My answer: The hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis and the creative mode of our brains. Obvious, right? What would have been obvious and expected is writing about this month’s ArtWorks for Milwaukee Gallery Night exhibit or next month’s Janes Walk MKE or a summer of urban gardening and mentoring...

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Jane’s Walk MKE: Revisioning Milwaukee in 20/20

This May, Jane’s Walk MKE will celebrate its fifth year of exploring Milwaukee. With almost 90 walks, bikes and paddles under its belt, this Milwaukee Turners program is organizing its anniversary year with a bold, sharp purpose: to see the city in 20/20. Organizers are envisioning an even more purposeful month of seeing the city through two lenses: one of vision, another of revision. Beginning next month, individuals and organizations will have the chance to sign-up to lead walks, bikes, paddles and wheelchair rolls throughout the city to show participants their vision and revisions of the city. Explorations and...

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The Kids are (All) Right: Let Me Count the Ways

Remember Kid President? Eight-year-old YouTube sensation Robby Novak and his spunky speeches that urged us to “treat everybody like it’s their birthday? For four years, his witty motivations used what often sounded like cute middle-school-poster platitudes to give Americans a kid-sized dose of President Obama’s audacious hope: “Don’t be mean, be meaningful.” “If you can’t think of anything nice to say, you’re not thinking hard enough.” “Life is tough, but so are you.” “Give people high fives just for getting out of bed. Being a person is hard sometimes.” “If it doesn’t make the world better, don’t do it.”...

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Windows On Milwaukee: Reflection on Writing in 2019

We’ve all done it. Walking at night and catching ourselves peeking into strangers’ homes from the sidewalk. For me, it’s when I’m walking my dog through the neighborhood. The corner of a painting might catch my eye – or a wall of family photos. I might find myself admiring a window dressing, an interesting light fixture or a furniture piece. Sometimes I wonder why all the lights in a particular house always seem to be on or off. I see that the football game that is on in my house is also on in theirs. The other night, I...

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Dominic Inouye: Milwaukee community pours love into Coffee Makes You Black

It used to be a bank, an insurance company, and a drug rehabilitation center. But for the past eighteen years, it has been a beloved community hub serving up coffee, culture, and chicken and waffles. But when road reconstruction began on Teutonia Avenue in May, it became harder for Coffee Makes You Black – and surrounding businesses – to serve its customers, who for many months have had to decide whether to park farther away and navigate the torn-up streets and sidewalks or find sustenance elsewhere. In fact, to date, four daycares and a candy shop have had to...

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