“The days and weeks have been long, but I am immensely proud of the efforts made by health organizations throughout Milwaukee to respond to COVID-19. I joined with other Milwaukee health care leaders to write and sign the following letter to represent our shared commitment to working collaboratively to serve our community. No one knows exactly what the next few weeks will bring. Some of it will be challenging and tragic, including more families losing loved ones. And some of it will bring us pride, like the many companies that have already stepped forward to donate or make PPE, or to support our health care workers in other ways. Thanks for everything you are doing—especially staying home. We are in this together.” – Peggy Troy

A Letter to Our Community about COVID-19 from Milwaukee area health care providers

We are here for you. We are together. We need your help.

We are the health care providers in your community who are working together every day, every hour to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping our nation. We want you to know that along with emergency responders, public health agencies and government leaders, we are part of the community-wide effort to slow the spread of the virus. Our teams are on the front lines of caring for those afflicted.

Right now, we need your help to keep our caregivers safe. They — along with food service workers, cleaning staff, transporters and other front-line staff — selflessly show up each day to care for, and serve our patients. You can keep them safe by continuing to stay home, keep social distance and wash your hands. Simple to say, sometimes not so easy to do, and absolutely life-saving.

Our region’s hospitals and community health centers stand united against this pandemic to provide the best possible care under extraordinary circumstances. Despite limited access to testing and prevention supplies, we are confident in our preparedness, planning and protocols, as well as the guidance from federal and state public health agencies. Moreover, our clinical leaders collaborate daily to respond to, and plan for the ever-changing needs of our patients, staff and community.

The days ahead will test our community’s strength, our resources and our spirit. But, with your help, we will prevail. As health care providers, we will continue to work together to care for those who need us most, and we will honor the trust you place in us for your health, and the health of our community.

  • Jim Skogsbergh, CEO, Advocate Aurora Health
  • Bernie Sherry, Ministry Market Executive, Ascension Wisconsin
  • Peggy Troy, CEO, Children’s Wisconsin
  • Cathy Jacobson, CEO, Froedtert Health
  • Lyle Ignace, MD, CEO, Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center
  • Mary Ouimet, CEO, Kenosha Community Health Center
  • John Raymond, MD, President, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Tito Izard, MD, CEO, Milwaukee Health Services, Inc.
  • Connie Palmer, CEO, Outreach Community Health Centers
  • Jenni Sevenich, CEO, Progressive Community Health Centers
  • Susan Edwards, CEO, ProHealth Care
  • Julie Schuller, MD, CEO, Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers
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Claudio Martinez and Children’s Wisconsin

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