The 10th Annual Holiday Drive delivered everything from clothing, food, games, coffee makers, art supplies, cameras, and electronics to Milwaukee veterans.

Veterans at the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center gathered on December 20 to receive holiday gifts, which were collected throughout the five-week collection drive.

“Veterans and their families make many sacrifices to protect our freedoms. This is a small way of showing our appreciation,” Mayor Barrett said.

Medal of Honor recipient Gary Wetzel attended the celebration, held in the Matousek Auditorium, and expressed his appreciation for the holiday gifts. Wetzel also announced that he was leaving the VA later in the day, after a four month stay from a motorcycle crash in August. President Lyndon Johnson awarded Wetzel with the nation’s highest military decoration for his actions in the Vietnam War.

These images are from the holiday event at the Matousek Auditorium, where Mayor Barrett greeted veterans and delivered presents from the people of Milwaukee.

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Lee Matz

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