“The State of our City continues to improve. Overall, our economy is stronger, our neighborhoods are safer, and our future is brighter. Of course we have challenges, and we need people across Milwaukee, and beyond, to come together to address these challenges, and make sure Milwaukee is an inclusive, respectful, and fair city. There are many partners energizing our work: community groups, schools, churches, and business people. But today, there is one group in particular I want to highlight: city employees who dedicate their time to improving our community.” – Mayor Tom Barrett

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett delivered his 2019 State of the City address on March 11 at the Fiserv Forum to a crowd of hundreds. His speech highlighted Milwaukee’s progress and growth. The Mayor emphasized the City’s efforts in strengthening neighborhoods, creating jobs, building healthier and safer communities, and improving educational initiatives in Milwaukee. These images document the event and members of the community who attended, in support of building a brighter future for the city.