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Author: Lee Matz

A weaponization of the Eucharist: When the Church authority rejects your access to unconditional love

Conservative Roman Catholic Bishops in the United States have voted on a new guidance for the Eucharist. The move could result in a ban of pro-choice Catholics, and specifically President Joe Biden, from receiving the Holy Communion. The further politicalization of abortion threatens to polarize an already divided Roman Catholic Church. When I first heard this news I was infuriated. Not because I am Catholic – I am not. And not because of my views on abortion. But because it reflected my own experience of being denied the Eucharist, a sting I still feel to this day. I moved...

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Milwaukee’s Black Cowboys: Urban horseback riding club keeps equestrian traditions alive in the Brew City

No image of the American West has captured the imagination of generations of children like that of the horseback riding cowboy. Left out of that trailblazing narrative has been the role of African Americans, who accounted for an estimated quarter of the workers in the cattle industry from the beginning of the Civil War to the 1880s.

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Game On, Milwaukee: Genshin Impact is the immersive Anime adventure I dreamed of in my childhood

After spending the winter months virtually traveling over half of Japan from the confines of a home treadmill (read In step with Rambalac: How I walked 1,000 miles across Japan during a pandemic without leaving Milwaukee), the mobile game Genshin Impact offered the next step in a COVID-restricted adventure. Even though I was fortunate enough to receive my COVID-19 vaccination weeks ago, and life in Milwaukee appears to be edging toward a new normal, life is still awkward and not very normal. We all have used different mechanisms to cope with the pandemic. While so many have struggled to endure the harsh...

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In step with Rambalac: How I walked 1,000 miles across Japan during a pandemic without leaving Milwaukee

In February I wrote about my treadmill exercise routine while watching VideoWalks from Japan. I had not thought about doing a follow-up story. Then on the calendar I saw that it was coming up on 10 years since the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. That tragedy was what displaced me from Japan, returning to America basically as a refugee – because I had been gone so long I had almost no ties left here. It is an experience that after all these years I am still not ready to write about. But the March 11 anniversary made me think of...

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Video playlist of virtual walks across Japan offers a way to step out of the isolated madness of COVID-19

There is no shortage of professionally written articles about exercise and how to stay healthy, especially during the isolation of the pandemic. And like any hobby or interest, applying that knowledge to daily life – especially in Milwaukee during the winter – is a process of trial and error that rarely works as advertised. As a photojournalist who has lived in downtown Milwaukee for years, I have walked miles each day to get to news events and then take pictures at those location. In preparation for the physical requirements of covering the DNC (Democratic National Convention) for week, before...

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