The Japanese visual kei band ACME アクメ performed its first overseas concert at Anime Milwaukee 2019 on February 15, marking another first for the convention’s 12th year of celebrating Japanese art, culture, and entertainment.

Visual kei, literally “visual style,” among Japanese musicians is characterized by the use of varying levels of make-up, elaborate hair styles and flamboyant costumes, similar to Western glam rock. Internationally know groups include Glay, L’Arc~En~Ciel, Luna Sea, and X Japan, and well known musicians like Gackt and Miyavi.

ACME made its American debut at Anime Milwaukee (AMKE) 2019, the largest annual anime convention in Wisconsin. Since 2008 the event has included celebrity guests, art contests, fashion shows, maid cafes, manga libraries, animated movie screenings, and video game tournaments that all embrace aspects of Japanese animated cartoons, Anime.

Known for their “bad boy” delinquent attitude and heavy sound, ACME combines traditional Japanese music and American rock. Milwaukee was one of 11 cities promoting the band’s Zesshou Ouka 絶唱謳歌 album tour, and the only location outside of Japan. The concert also included a new single “Last One Show” released on January 9.

Band members include Chisa (Vocals), Shogo (Guitar), Rikito (Bass), and Hal (Drums). The group has been performing for a year and gained in popularity, but much of their press attention remains written in Japanese.

These photos share moments from ACME’s inaugural American concert held for adoring fans at AMKE 2019.