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Uniting for Ukraine: Federal program aims to resettle refugees in order to discourage entry from Mexico

President Joe Biden’s administration has announced a new program on April 21 that will make it easier for Ukrainian refugees to be resettled in the United States, as the Russian offensive in their home country continues. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said in a statement that the “new streamlined process” will allow Ukrainians to apply for humanitarian parole, a status that does not provide a pathway to residency or citizenship, but allows people to stay and work in the U.S. for two years. To be eligible for the program, dubbed “Uniting for Ukraine,” they must have been residents...

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Enemy at the Door: Irpin couple hides for days from Russian armored column just outside their apartment

Kyiv-based volunteer Antonina Dembytska has interviewed Ukrainians who have found their lives engulfed in war. Her mission has been to preserve the voices of witnesses for the history, and the future war crime tribunal against Russia. She recently had a conversation with Anastasia Pochernyaeva, a resident of Irpin. Antonina Dembytska: Please, introduce yourself and say if you give consent for the processing of personal data, and tell briefly about yourself, about your life before the war. Anastasia Pochernyayeva: Very well. Hello, my name is Anastasia Pochernyayeva, I was born in 1987. Before the war I used to live in...

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Five days of violence: Local Irpin reporter details Russia’s devastating attack on Milwaukee’s sister city

Irpin, a commuter town on the northwest edge of Kyiv, was once famous for its peace and quiet in comparison with the buzz of the Ukrainian capital. But since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, the town has become synonymous with shelling and indiscriminate violence. As Russian troops made a brutal attempt to take Kyiv, they were stopped on the outskirts of the capital. Places like Irpin, Bucha and Hostomel were quickly transformed into a battleground, where civilians were caught in Russian shelling, air raids and direct violence by Russian troops. Many who chose to evacuate had to do...

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Zoreslav Zamoisky: Body of Ukrainian journalist from Irpin identified at Russian massacre site in Bucha

The Irpin City Council reported on April 12 that the body of a local resident was found on the street in nearby bucha, one of the hundreds of victims massacred by Russian forces. Zoreslav Zamoisky was a 44-year-old freelance journalist from Irpin. His last social media post about the invasion was recorded on March 4. It is believed he fell victim to the invaders around that time. The National Union of Journalists cited Serhiy Melanchenko, who reported that a forensic examination of Zamoisky’s body left no doubt about the violent nature of his death. Zamoisky was a freelance journalist,...

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Saving lives in Irpin: Three volunteers share their stories of rescuing people and pets while under attack

Three volunteers in Ukraine talk about putting their lives at risk to rescue abandoned dogs, cats, and pet birds in the early days of the Russian invasion when Milwaukee’s sister city Irpin was under attack. “What matters is that you’re alive,” my relatives and friends tell me since I evacuated from Irpin, on the outskirts of Kyiv. But it was not enough. Every time I look at photos of the city I used to live in, my heart sinks. When Russian troops launched a brutal assault on the city, hundreds of people faced the choice of staying in their...

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Early days of war in Irpin: A look back at when families fled the Kyiv area ahead of the Russian invasion

A recap of the situation in Ukraine, where millions of children and their families have been uprooted from their homes. The war in Ukraine has devastated lives. Across the country, millions of families have been forced to leave their homes, fleeing missiles and air strikes. Many children have been separated from their families and hundreds have been injured. March 9, 2022, A father with a child while crossing destroyed bridge. They wrapped themselves in a piece of white cloth, trying to to avoid an attack. The city of Irpin, near the capital of Kyiv, has been a hotspot for...

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